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Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell

Red flowering Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell buy online from our Camellia collection, we deliver throughout the UK and Ireland.
Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell red flowering
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Height Excluding Pot:
40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Pot size: 3 Litres
Plant ID: 7125 1
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Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell 
There are over 30,000 cultivars of the Camellia Japonica but the Lady Campbell cultivar remains a popular choice for its outstanding red flowers and its upright compact bushy growth habit. When fully grown, this camellia stands at around 2 metres in height with a similar spread. The evergreen leaves of the Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell measure about 10 centimetres in length. Each leaf is leathery and tough. The dense, green leaves hold their colour throughout the year and make the shrub a highly coveted hedge plant choice. When grown as a hedge, it is suggested that the bushes be spaced 180 centimetres apart. They may be staggered to create a faster, denser hedge. 

Camellia japonica Lady Campbell will produce a profusion of blossoms that measure from 7 to 19 centimetres in diameter. The masses of non-stop flowers stand out in stark contrast against the deep, dark green foliage. The flowers make ideal cut blossoms for bouquets. 

The Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell grows best when planted in partial to full shade. Ideally it should be located in a place that affords protection from the morning and hot afternoon sun. Choose a planting site for the Lady Campbell camellia that is well-draining without pooled water. It requires consistently moist, acidic soil that is rich in organic material. Cold drying winds frequently damage the foliage and buds of the shrub. It should be planted in a sheltered location that provides some protection from cold, drying winds and storms.  After flowering, the Camellia Japonica benefits from a light pruning. It can also be pruned to thin branching and control size or shape. 

Camellia Japonica Lady Campbell grows well in containers beside patios or walkways. It is also an ideal shrub for a woodland or cottage-style garden setting. It can be used as a focal specimen or mass planted for a truly outstanding flower display. 

With proper care, most Camellia Japonica varieties are exceptionally long-lived. In Japan’s historic garden of the emperor, Camellia Japonica shrubs are believed to be over 500 years old. Throughout Korea, Japan, and China the camellia has remained a favourite down through the centuries because of its eye-catching flowers and lush foliage.

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