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Chaenomeles japonica Sargentii

Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii, Japanese Quince, a flowering ornamental shrub for sale online UK delivery
Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii, Japanese Quince
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Chaenomeles japonica Sargentii Japanese Quince
Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii (Japanese Quince Sargentii) is a lovely, low-maintenance flowering shrub. A deciduous cultivar, this flowering Japanese quince variety offers interest for the better part of the year. As an undemanding and highly decorative quince, Japanese Quince Sargentii is a welcome addition to any garden.

In spring, Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii produces masses of stunning salmon pink to orange coloured flowers. The blossoms are five-petalled and 3 to 4 cm across. In addition to being ornamental, the flowers attract beneficial pollinators to the garden. The spiny shoots bear glossy, obovate foliage that is overshadowed by the blooms. Starting from September and October, the flowers are replaced by small golden yellow rounded fruits known as quince. Quince fruits have a distinct pleasant fragrance and can be used for cooking jams and jellies. If left on the shrub over the winter, the golden fruits make a tasty treat for birds.

Height and Spread of Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii
Japanese Quince Sargentii is a low-growing shrub with a spreading habit. Maximum height for this flowering cultivar is approximately 1.5 metres.

How Hardy is Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii
Even though its delicate, elegant appearance does not indicate it, Japanese Quince Sargentii is a tough cultivar. It is fully hardy in the United Kingdom and will fare well even if the winter temperatures drop below zero.

How To Use Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii
As low maintenance, eye-catching shrub, Japanese Quince Sargentii has many uses in the garden. Its beauty and adaptability ensure it! In most cases, though, this flowering quince shrub is used as a striking ground cover, as its low-growing, spreading habit lends itself well for this role.

In a south-facing flower bed or border, Japanese Quince Sargentii will fit right in, particularly as a beautiful backdrop for early flowering plants. With its late spring blossoms and interesting autumn fruit, this undemanding shrub will provide multiple seasons of interest.

How To Care for Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii
Japanese Quince Sargentii offers plenty but asks little in return. This striking shrub thrives in most average garden conditions. Pick a spot in full sun or partial shade and soil that is moist but well-drained.

The prostrate, spreading habit of the Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii does not require much upkeep to stay in top form. A bit of light pruning after the flowering season ends will ensure your prized flowering Japanese quince stays healthy and beautiful.

For more Japanese flowering Quince varieties, take a look at the white-flowering Chaenomeles Superba Jet Trail, stunning rosy Chaenomeles Superba Pink Lady, and the delicate peachy-coloured Chaenomeles Superba Cameo.

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