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Chaenomeles Superba Cameo

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Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles Superba Cameo - beautiful deciduous shrub with peach coloured flowers in Spring, Buy UK Best selling deciduous shrub, Japanese Quince, this size 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7) Buy UK
Chaenomeles Superba Cameo, peach coloured flowering Japanese Quince for sale. Ornamental Quince tree to buy online UK
Chaenomeles Superba Cameo flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 7775 64

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Chaenomeles Superba Cameo - Japanese Quince

Chaenomeles x Superba Cameo, a recently-introduced cultivar of ornamental quince, is a beautiful, early-flowering shrub which can be used in a variety of different ways in your landscape. Its lovely blooms make it a valuable addition to any garden.

Also known as Japanese Quince because of its country of origin, Chaenomeles x superba Cameo has double-petalled blossoms of peachy pink which start to appear in March and April before the leaves have emerged. As they unfurl, the bright green leaves provide a striking backdrop to the flowers.  After the flowers finish, they are followed by greenish-yellow fruits which turn golden yellow as they ripen in the autumn. The fruits are too bitter to eat fresh, but can be used to make a delicious jelly or jam. They also have a lovely scent which will fill a room with fragrance if brought in and placed in a bowl. The stems and branches of Chaenomeles superba Cameo are extremely thorny.

Fully hardy in the UK, Chaenomeles superba Cameo will grow to 1 metre in height with a spread of 1-1.5 metres. If planted as a hedge, space them 1.5 metres apart. They flower on last year’s growth, so any pruning should be done immediately after flowering finishes in the spring. You may also cut some branches in late winter and bring them in to force blooms. 

Chaenomeles superba Cameo will tolerate a variety of soils, but prefers a well-drained loamy soil with moderate fertility and a neutral to alkaline ph. Once established, the shrub is fairly drought-tolerant. While they will tolerate some shade, they grow best in full sun. Deer and rabbits will stay away from this thorny shrub!

Chaenomeles x superba Cameo has many different possibilities for use in your garden, no matter the size of your property. It is a popular choice for training against a wall, even with a north or east aspect where other plants would struggle. It also makes a good foundation planting or can be included in a mixed border. Wherever it is grown, it makes a lovely companion for spring-blooming bulbs and perennials. 

A row of Japanese quince makes an excellent, dense informal hedge which will not only screen your property but also act as an effective security barrier because of its thorns. A mass planting of Chaenomeles x superba Cameo will also make an effective ground cover in a larger space. 

This versatile, beautiful quince cultivar can be adapted to a variety of different gardens. Chaenomeles x superba Cameo is a great choice for any garden!

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