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Cherry Laurel Caucasica Prunus Laurocerasus

Cherry Laurel Caucasica is a particularly vigorous upright form with longer, narrower leaves & rich dark green foliage versus the mid-green of Common Laurel
Cherry Laurel Caucasica
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Pot size: 20 Litres

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Caucasica Laurel
Cherry Laurel Caucasica is an extremely hardy evergreen laurel with dark green foliage. It’s perfect for hedging and screening. Cherry Laurel Caucasica, botanical name Prunus Laurocerasus Caucasica, is an evergreen laurel with year-round deep rich colour. It’s similar to its cousin the common laurel but it has darker green leaves that are elongated and a more vigorous upright growth habit. In spring (if untrimmed) small white flowers appear that are particularly attractive to insects and will ripen into black berries to feed the birds.  This is a deep-shade tolerant, tough hedging laurel with excellent foliage colour and a strong growth rate

Height and Width of Cherry Laurel Caucasica
This is a fast-growing vigorous laurel that will put on 30-60 centimetres a year but its easily kept shorter with regular trimming. 

How Hardy Is Cherry Laurel Caucasica
Caucasica Laurel is extremely hardy down to sub-zero winters if its roots are well-drained. It thrives in deep shade and is drought tolerant too. Cherry laurels are rarely bothered by pests or disease.

How To Use Cherry Laurel Caucasica
This is a great low maintenance choice for hedging and screening as the foliage is evergreen, thick and dense. It will grow quickly to form a soft, natural barrier. Use it to mark a boundary or as a privacy screen in a medium to large garden.
Prunus Laurocerasus Caucasica is also a great choice for wildlife-friendly gardens because its thick foliage provides shelter and the flowers and berries attract pollinators and birds. You can grow Caucasica Laurel in a container to spruce up a dull patio or deck in winter too. 
Other varieties of cherry laurel we stock includes Prunus Laurocerasus Etna, Prunus Laurocerasus Zabeliana and Prunus Laurocerasus Novita all of which are excellent evergreen hedging shrubs. 

How To Care For Cherry Laurel Caucasica
Other than a twice-yearly prune there is little to do for Prunus Laurocerasus Caucasica. It will happily grow in the majority of soils and will tolerate sun or deep shade in open or exposed areas but strong biting winds may mark the glossy leaves. For the richest and fastest growth apply a thick layer of mulch around the roots in spring and water well until its established. 

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