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Cornus Kousa

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Japanese Dogwood trees for sale online UK
Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry - mature Cornus Kousa Ornamental Trees for sale online
Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry Tree - mature ornamental flowering trees for sale
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 7082 64
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30% Off - Now £61.60

Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry 

Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry is a bushy, deciduous tree ornamental tree with profuse clusters of small white-creamy flowers that emerge in early summer, followed by strawberry-like edible fruits that are loved by wildlife. Cornus Kousa (also called Szechuan Strawberry or Japanese Dog Wood) has beautiful green oval shaped foliage that turns a stunning reddish purple in autumn. This beautiful elegant tree will contirubute exciting colours to your garden from spring through summer and on to autumn. 

Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry trees reach a maximum height of 7 metres and a maximum width  6 metres. If you prefer to keep it smaller, Cornus Kousa  can be easily trimmed to keep it a manageable size to suit all individual spaces.

Cornus Kousa trees prefer full sun and partial shade and well drained moist soil (sand, clay or chalk loam soil).

We have a range of Cornus Kousa Szechuan Strawberry specimens in stock and can easily source mature large trees, please email us for details. If you are loking for a flowering, ornamental tree that will have an instant impact on your garden, then you would do well to consider these specimens. 

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