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Cercis Rising Sun Redbud

Cercis Rising Sun Redbud Tree
Cercis Rising Sun Redbud Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: Feathered

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 9176 12

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Cercis Rising Sun Redbud Tree
Cercis Rising Sun is a colourful deciduous tree from a small genus of flowering trees found in North America. It’s one of the best trees for smaller spaces as it really punches above its weight with outstanding colour.  

Cercis Rising Sun bursts into flower during early spring with pretty pink-purple pea flowers that cluster on bare branches. The mass of blooms smells delicately sweet and attracts the early pollinators. Rounded, heart-shaped foliage arrives in April in a warm yellow apricot tone that matures into bright yellowy-lime green during the summer. During autumn the leaves deepen to vibrant rich yellow and fall with the frosts. It’s this fiery foliage that gives this tree its name ‘Rising Sun’.  Throughout winter Rising Sun Redbud holds up attractive golden-brown stems that carry frost to perfection.

This is an outstanding specimen tree with foliage and flowers that create a real ‘wow’ for the greater part of the year. If you only have space for one small tree make it Rising Sun Redbud.

Height and Spread Of Cercis Rising Sun
Rising Sun Redbud will reach around 4-5 metres and spread over 3-4 metres. It holds its rounded canopy up high leaving plenty of light and space beneath the pretty foliage. 

How Hardy is Cercis Rising Sun
Rising Sun Redbud is a hardy tree that’s tough enough to withstand UK weather conditions. It will grow in colder parts of the UK down to sub-zero temperatures if its roots are well-drained. 

How To Use Cercis Rising Sun
It’s dramatic foliage and compact shape makes Rising Sun Redbud the perfect standalone specimen tree for compact gardens and smaller spaces. 
Plant Rising Sun Redbud at the back of a border for height and colour, mass plant them as an unusual pathway lining, or use one as a pretty disguise for an unsightly shed or wall. If you want even more dazzling colour try pairing it with the purple Cercis Forest Pansy.
Because it only reaches 4-5 metres this is an outstanding tree for a small outside space such as a front garden or placed directly into the lawn where it won’t outgrow it’s welcome.   

How To Care For Cercis Rising Sun
Rising Sun Redbud will grow in most conditions except waterlogged ground. It will tolerate all types of soil from acid to chalky gardens.
Rising Sun will grow in the majority of situations but does best in full sunlight. Plenty of sunlight encourages foliage colour and brings out early flowers. Strong winds tend to damage the showy foliage so a sheltered spot is best. 
No pruning is necessary as it naturally holds a well-rounded shape, but you can prune it to your preference if required. 
Once planted it’s important to water Rising Sun Redbud regularly until it is established, and a thick layer of mulch around the base during spring provides nutrients for a healthy season of ‘flaming sunrise’ growth.

Cercis or Redbuds are a distinct genus of small flowering trees with generally rounded heart-shaped leaves and pretty pea flowers in spring.

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