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Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea

Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea Golden-twig Dogwood buy online UK delivery, we also deliver to the Republic of Ireland.
Cornus Stolonifera Flaviramea Golden-twig Dogwood
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Cornus stolonifera Flaviramea, also known as Cornus sericea Flaviramea or Golden-twig Dogwood is prized for its vivid yellow winter stems. This shrub variety of Cornus tree is low-maintenance and incredibly hardy with multiple seasons of interest.
As the name suggests, Golden-twig Dogwood’s most noted feature are its bright, golden stems. Greenish-yellow, the densely growing shoots turn to vibrant, golden-yellow in the winter, bringing much welcome colour to a dull, winter landscape. In late spring, this deciduous shrub bears small clusters of white flowers, which give way to white berries, sometimes with a bluish tinge. The ovate, green leaves are at their most striking in the autumn when they turn to crimson red and warm, intense orange.
Versatile and vigorous, Cornus sericea Flaviramea prefers full sun to partial shade. When it comes to the soil, this Cornus is quite tolerant and thrives in a wide range of conditions, including chalk and clay. However, it will perform best in fertile, moist but well-drained soil.
Able to survive temperatures well below -20 degrees, Golden-twig Dogwood is fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. Because of its hardiness and overall good constitution, this shrub is the recipient of the esteemed Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Generally pest and disease free, this plant requires very little in terms of maintenance. Routine pruning is not required and you should only prune plants that are already established. To promote new growth, which has more vivid colouring, cut back some of the older stems, in late winter/early spring. In case you want to promote broad spreading habit, thin out the side shoots, before the foliage emerges on the bare stems. Fast-growing, with a suckering habit, Cornus sericea Flaviramea can grow to be 1.5 to 2.5 metres tall and wide when fully mature.

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