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Edgeworthia Chrysantha

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Edgworthia Chrysantha flowering in winter, buy UK Paper Bush shrub in bud in winter, available to buy from our London plant centre Edgworthia Chrysantha, winter flowering shrubs for sale UK
Edgeworthia Chrysantha commonly known as Paper Bush Plant, buy online UK delivery
Edgeworthia Chrysantha - Paper Bush Plant
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Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Plant shape: Very strong bushy specimens.
Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 1154 2
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30% Off - Now £140.00
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Winter flowering wonder, Edgeworthia Chrysantha is a bushy deciduous shrub with clusters of small creamy-yellow,  highly scented flowers on leafless branches in late winter to early spring.

Edgeworthia Chrysantha, also called the Paper Bush Plant, has cinnamon coloured papery bark with dark green, oval-shaped foliage that emerges after flowering. This beautiful specimen will give the garden eye-catching colour through those cold dark winter months. During the summer months, its large shapely foliage creates a tropical-like effect. In autumn, as the leaves drop off, the elegant and very pretty flower buds emerge offset against the decorative, cinnamon-coloured bark. 

Edgeworthia Chrysantha (Paper Bush Plant) will reach a maximum height of 1-1.5m and a maximum spread of 1-1.5m. It likes full sun and partial, dappled shade and any well drained fertile soil.
This is quite a rare plant. Although it provides year–round interest, the fragrance of the flowers in mid-winter and early spring is intoxicating. This together with the beauty of the flowers on the bare, reddish brown bark will brighten up any garden in mid-winter.
Our Edgeworthia Chrysantha shrubs are already quite established at aproximately 1 metre tall. They have a lovely bushy shape and are available now to buy online!

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Edgworthia Chrysantha flowering in January
Paper Bush shrub in bud in winter
Edgworthia Chrysantha, winter flowering shrubs