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Rhododendron Germania

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Rhododendrons Germania dark pink flowers - to buy online UK
Rhododendron Germania Bright Pink flowering for sale online UK delivery
Rhododendron Germania Bright Pink variety
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30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

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Rhododendron Germania is considered a semi-dwarf variety of Rhododendron hybrid. It is relatively low-growing and compact plant compared to other Rhododendrons and is a mid-to late spring flowerer. However, it is the huge beautiful deep pink blooms that are a genuine stand-out feature of this hybrid variety. The enormous pink blooms appear in May. The flowers are paler at the centre and a deeper pink closer to the edges. They appear in clusters at the end of a single stalk. There can be as many as 15 flowers in one truss. The evergreen foliage is a glossy dark green and the leaves are medium-sized. Germania has a tendency to grow wider than it is tall, which is another feature that adds to its popularity - in 10 years, it will reach a maximum height of only 1.5 metres. 

Rhododendron Germania was hybridised and registered in 1956 by Dietrich Hobbie of the famous Hobbie Rhododendron Park in Northern Germany, run by the Hobbie family for over 90 years. Its seed parent is R. Antoon van Welie and its pollen parent is R. Williamsianum.

Rhododendron Germania is one of the hardiest Rhododendrons (hardy to H5 which is in excess of minus 20 C. and has a tendency to grow wider than it is tall and suits most habitats. As with most Rhododendrons, Germania prefers an acid soil and likes to grow in partial shade! A perfect and dazzling addition to the Woodland garden. 

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