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Elaeagnus Quicksilver

Elaeagnus Quicksilver Silver Foliage Plant, very attractive border plant for sale online with UK delivery
Elaeagnus Quicksilver silver foliage plant
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 20 Litres
Plant ID: 7675 2
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Elaeagnus Quicksilver

This image displays plant 80-100 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
2ft 7-3ft 3

Pot size: 20 Litres

Was £135.00
35% Off - Now £87.75
Was £135.00
35% Off - Now £87.75

Elaeagnus Quicksilver, sometimes known by its alternative name Oleaster Quicksilver, is a variety of hardy deciduous shrub with long silver-scaled leaves and highly fragrant summer flowers. It is one of the largest silver foliage shrubs around and perfect for large mixed borders and exposed sites. Most people choose an Elaeagnus Quicksilver shrub for its glorious foliage. The silvery leaves are touchable and bright in the sunshine. They grow long and tapered forming a pleasing contrast with its June to July blooms. These burst from silvery buds into clusters of small but perfectly formed creamy-yellow flowers. Berries develop from these flowers which are attractive and loved by birds. Oleander Quicksilver’s scent is sweet, fills the air and attracts many pollinators. It’s a great wildlife plant. Elaeagnus Quicksilver ultimate height reaches 2.5 to 4 metres and it will spread over approximately the same distance. When it is left to develop of its own accord, Elaeagnus Quicksilver will form a roughly pyramidal shape.

How Hardy is Elaeagnus Quicksilver?
Oleaster Quicksilver is hardy throughout the UK and tolerant of salt air and windy coastal conditions. Its drought-resistant once established after a year’s growth, but will appreciate a soaking in hot weather. It will grow in all type of soils in any Ph level.

How To Use Elaeagnus Quicksilver
The best place for an Oleaster Quicksilver is positioned at the back of a flower border where it will cover a fence up to four metes and provide a habitat for wildlife. As one of the largest silver foliage plants it makes a great backdrop for the over-whelming primary-coloured flowers of summer. Alternatively you can plant Elaeagnus Quicksilver shrubs individually as specimen shrubs and trim them to maintain the shape you prefer.
Elaeagnus Quicksilver needs space or it will overshadow and crowd out smaller shrubs. Give it plenty of room to grow when you plant it out.

How To Care For Elaeagnus Quicksilver
Quicksilver needs little care. It is low maintenance and sturdy, but will benefit from being planted in full sun or partial shade. 
Some pruning after the flowers have faded will reinvigorate the shrub, just cut branches back to a strong bud and apply a thick mulch around the roots. Oleaster Quicksilver plants spread via suckers simply so pull these up to keep your shrub in check.

Elaeagnus Quicksilver is a good buy for a spacious border that needs more than showy blooms. The silvery foliage is an invaluable textural addition to a garden, providing a backdrop for summer blooms.  

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