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Erigeron Karvinskianus Spanish or Mexican Daisy

Flowering Perennial - ideal ground cover for a sunny spot.

Erigeron Karvinskianus, Spanish or Mexican Daisy
Erigeron Karvinskianus
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Height Excluding Pot: 10-20cm (0ft 3-0ft 7)

Pot size: 0.5 Litres

Plant ID: 13552 1

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Erigeron Karvinskianus is the Mexican daisy. It’s a low-growing flowering perennial with daisy-like flowers that suits sunny spots and gracefully cascades from hanging baskets, wall tops, and container edges.

Erigeron Karvinskianus is a Mexican native, but it’s also called the Spanish daisy. It’s a drought-hardy flowering perennial with small grey-green oval leaves on long and thin strong stems. It’s stems drape beautifully over walls, pot edges, and raised beds. Its spreading, cascading habit covers bare soil in dry areas, so it creates excellent flowering ground cover too.

All summer long, Mexican Daisy, sometimes called Mexican fleabane, produces small daisy-like flowers that open white with a yellow centre and fade to attractive pale pink. Bees and butterflies enjoy its easily accessed nectar. In mild coastal areas, it retains foliage all year round.

Erigeron Karvinskianus is ideal ground cover for a sunny spot and superb walls, beds and container edging.

Height and Spread of Erigeron Karvinskianus
Mexican daisy is low growing. It reaches 60 centimetres high and spreads across 1.5 metres.

How Hardy is Erigeron Karvinskianus
This Mexican native is drought tolerant and it withstands cold and wet UK winters if its roots are well drained. It’s copes well with pollution and it’s rarely affected by pests or disease.

How to Use Erigeron Karvinskianus
Spanish daisy is ideal for hanging baskets, containers, overhanging walls, slope cover, rock gardens, and soil protection in sunny borders. It will grow and thrive in most well drained spots with full sun and comes back bigger and better each year.
It’s a hardy, reliable, and low maintenance choice for children or beginner gardeners, and provides lots of nectar in wildlife friendly gardens. Pair it will other sun-loving plants such as lavender and rosemary or beneath leggy roses to create a froth of summer long colour.

How to Care for Erigeron Karvinskianus
Mexican daisy is very easy to grow. Plant it in full sun in very well drained soil. It’s especially good in chalky soil and sunny spots that wilt leafy green leaves.
Water it well until established and regularly if it’s in a container. Cut back old growth to ground level in early spring so air and sun reach the crown to stimulate fresh new growth. There’s no need to deadhead it.

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