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Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers Seed Pouch

Perfect Seeds for Pollinators

Flower Seeds to Attract Pollinators. Flower Seeds for Wildlife.
Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers Seeds
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Box: 4 Kg

Product Type: Wild Flower Seeds with Compost

Plant ID: 11176 75

Price: £19.99

Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers Seeds - Do your bit to help our pollinating wildlife with these easy to grow Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflower seeds. Expect to attract butterflies and bees and lots of other beneficial insects to the garden while you get to enjoy the stunning floral display.

This easy to grow seed pouch combines an ideal blend of beautiful wild free flowering flowers seeds combined with compost, ready to sow all in one mix. Types of seed include countryside favourites such as Ox-eye Daisy, Corn Poppy, Cornflower and Corn Marigold.

How to use Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers
These wild flower seeds were conceived with ease in mind. Sowing the seeds could not be easier. To use, simply scatter the seeds from the seed pack around your garden or in those areas where you want these colourful flowers to bloom. Rake the seeds lightly into the ground and ideally, give them a quick water with the hose.

When to Sow Nature’s Haven Wildflower Seeds
Ideally sow the seeds in spring (March to May) and enjoy the floral display from all through the summer and autumn.

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