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SB Plant Invigorator-Eco-friendly product

Environmentally friendly SB Plant Invigorator controls pests in an eco-friendly way. Economical and effective to use against many garden pests.
SB Plant Invigorator Pesticide
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Bottle: 0.5 Litres

Product Type: Eco Friendly Pesticide

Plant ID: 7512 C 74

Price: £9.85
Buy 2 for £18.00

SB Plant Invigorator
Why would you turn to harsh and harmful chemicals for pest control when there are environmentally friendly pesticides that are just as efficient? This economical Plant Invigorator Pesticide (SB Plant Invigorator) controls a wide range of difficult to control pest species on both edible and ornamental crops without turning to toxic ingredients for success. To boot, this eco-friendly product will also stimulate your plants to thrive and act as a fungicide year round. If you are having issues with aphids, scales, mites or any other insect pests making a home in your hedge or shrubs, or if you have been dealing with fungal diseases in your garden, then Plant Invigorator Pesticide could be just the thing you need.

Plant Invigorator Pesticide works against whitefly, aphids, spider mites, mealybug, scale, and psyllids. The physical mode of action this product relies on is non-chemical and non-biological, and if the SB Plant Invigorator Pesticide is applied properly, pests will not become resistant to this product. There is no harvest interval and this pesticide concentrate can be used throughout the year, which works out wonderfully for gardeners that use this as a form of foliar feed or as a fungicide. You see, in addition to fighting off pesky pests from your plants, Plant Invigorator Pesticide can be diluted to be used as a plant wash for a cleaner and shinier appearance of the foliage. There is no denying that this is an all-around overachiever, with many pleased gardeners backing the SB Plant Invigorator Pesticide as it helped their plants get their old shine and health back.

This 500 ml spray bottle of Plant Invigorator Pesticide is ready to use, just point and spray. Bearing in mind that our sale price is £9.85, this is quite an economical product, especially since environmentally friendly pesticides usually tend to be more expensive. As a locally manufactured pesticide, SB Plant Invigorator manages to stay both affordable and offer superior performance. 

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