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GRO-SURE All Purpose liquid feed

Gro-Sure All Purpose liquid plant food - 1 Litre bottles for sale online, UK nationwide delivery.
GRO-SURE All Purpose Plant Food
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Bottle: 1 Litre

Product Type: Liquid Plant Feed

Plant ID: 7922 WC 75

Price: £9.95

It is almost impossible to have gorgeous and healthy plants in your garden if you do not feed them during the growing season. GRO-SURE All Purpose liquid feed is ideal to use with garden and pot-grown plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. It is a great all-around liquid food for almost any plant, and the unique formula of potent nutrients will be just what your plants need to stay strong and vigorous.

While GRO-SURE All Purpose plant food is packed with all the nutrients needed for flower, leaf and root growth, it is not its only advantage. What makes GRO-SURE All Purpose liquid feed particularly effective with such a wide range of different plants is the fact that this feed is enriched with seaweed. The seaweed adds extra micro nutrients to the formula, making this product fast-acting and more potent than most other all-purpose fertilisers.

How to Use GRO-SURE All Purpose liquid feed
GRO-SURE All Purpose plant food is very economical as this 1-litre bottle of concentrate yields 225 litres of liquid fertiliser. One capful of concentrate (20 ml) needs to be diluted in 4.5 litres of water. Feed the soil or compost around the plant and avoid contact of fertiliser and foliage.

For fruit trees, rose trees, shrubs or veggies, feed once a week throughout the growing season.

Indoor plants should be fed while they are actively growing, once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Bed and border plants, glasshouse crops or plants in baskets and containers can be enriched with this liquid feed 1 to 2 times a week. Follow instructions on the packaging.

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