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Rhamnus Frangula Alnus - Fine Line

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Frangula Alnus Fine Line deciduous shrubs, for sale online with UK delivery. Frangula Alnus Fine Line, deciduous shrubs for sale at our London garden centre, buy online UK delivery.
Frangula Alnus Fine Line is an upright deciduous shrub with finely cut leaves, for sale online with UK delivery.
Frangula Alnus Fine Line foliage detail in autumn
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 8568 64
Was £20.00
25% Off - Now £15.00

Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line is a handsome deciduous shrub that fits perfectly into a small sized garden. Fine Line is a cultivar of the Alder Buckthorn and confusingly has a variety of names including Rhamnus Frangula Fine Line and Frangula Alnus Fine Line, but all refer to this upright columnar shrub with long, fine pointed leaves.

In spring narrow new leaves burst through in bright green feathery cascades. This narrow leaf habit is particularly interesting because it adds a textural dimension to the garden. Leaves remain in place all summer accompanied by small greenish-yellow flowers that attract pollinators from May to June, before developing into small black fruit loved by birds. In autumn the finely cut leaves turn a rich buttery yellow before falling with frosts to leave a multi-stemmed bush for overwintering insects. Over time this deciduous small shrub develops a fine deep brown bark with mottled with grey markings.

Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line will grow to a maximum height of 2.5 metres and spread over 60 cm.

How Hardy Is Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line
Buckthorn is extremely hardy and this cultivar has inherited its parental toughness. Rhamnus Frangula Fine Line will withstand sub-zero temperatures throughout the UK.

How To Use Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line
Because this is a tall and thin shrub with grass-like foliage, it’s ideal for small gardens and can be grown very successfully in containers if they are well watered. Fine Line adds a great deal of texture to outdoor spaces because it leafs from the bottom of the trunk all the way to the tip, and for this reason it makes an excellent screen - either against a fence or to separate areas of the garden without wasting space. If you are looking for a non invasive alternative to bamboo Frangula Alnus Fine Line is an excellent choice. It brings the height, texture and wispiness that gardeners love about bamboo without any of its problems.

How To Care For Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line
This tolerant shrub needs little care once established. It will grow in all soils of any pH. It does prefer a sunny spot, but will tolerate semi shade too. If you are able to soak the roots on a consistent basis your Frangula Alnus Fine Line will grow quickly. It enjoys moist soil, but can cope without it. Pruning is not required because it holds a tall columnar shape without any effort on your part. A yearly application of mulch around the roots will ensure good health, and regular watering until established is important as it grows and acclimatises.

This is a top choice of decorative shrub for small gardens that need weight and texture. Rhamnus Frangula Alnus Fine Line is a real winner for compact areas and containers.

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