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Fremontodendron Californicum

Fremontodendron Californicum is commonly known as the California Flannel Bush, buy online with UK and Ireland delivery
Fremontodendron Californicum
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Height Excluding Pot: 60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Plant shape: Single Stem

Pot size: 3 Litres

Plant ID: 8418 1

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Fremontodendron Californicum or California Flannel Bush
The Fremontodendron Californicum, commonly referred to as the California Flannel Bush, is a native California shrub. An evergreen, it is adored for its sunny yellow blossoms that appear in the early spring and persist on the shrub for several months. Each blossom measures up to 8 centimetres across. Interestingly, the seeds of the Fremontodendron californicum require fire before they will germinate.
In its native habit, that Fremontodendron Californicum grows on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada and California coastal mountains. It has adapted to become highly drought tolerant and can also weather extensive heat. The tough shrub can also stand up to excessively cold temperatures that frequently dip to around -30 degrees Celsius. 
The Fremontodendron Californicum grows to a height of 6 meters and a width of 5 meters. You should choose a planting site that will accommodate this shrub’s large size because it does not withstand pruning and may perish if trimmed back. 
The hardy shrub grows best when planted in a location where it receives full sun. It prefers well-draining soil and will not tolerate wet roots. Excessive watering, especially near the shrub’s base, may kill it. The Fremontodendron californicum has adapted to require no supplemental watering and generally survives quite well on just nature’s rainfall. The hardy shrub also grows well in nutrient poor soil where very few shrubs will survive such as areas that are excessively sandy or rocky. 
The leaves of the Fremontodendron californicum are five lobed and a pale green colour.  Each leaf measures around 5 centimetres in length. The shrub’s leaves are covered with fine hairs. The furry leaves are the main reason that the plant is referred to as the California Flannel Bush because the shrub’s leaves look and feel similar to a flannel fabric in texture. 
If you are seeking a hardy flowering large shrub then the Fremontodendron californicum might be the perfect bush for you. It grows with little or no care and produces a bountiful display of cheerful flowers that draw butterflies and bees to the garden. The shrub is also deer-resistant which makes it ideal for a woodland garden setting. 

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