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Fargesia Murielae Bimbo Bamboo

Fargesia Murielae Bimbo also known as Muriels Bamboo or Umbrella Bamboo, buy UK
Fargesia Murielae Bimbo
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 10 Litres
Plant ID: 2403 64
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Fargesia Murielae Bimbo, more commonly known as Muriel’s Bamboo or Umbrella Bamboo, is a recent cultivar that quickly became popular for its compact size. Low growing and ornamental, this evergreen bamboo is a great choice for small gardens, whether as a hedge or for adding texture to the landscape.
The canes of this unusual umbrella bamboo start out bright, glossy green, turning to shades of yellow as the plant matures. Slightly arching at their very top, the canes are quite thin but sturdy enough to support the lush, overflowing foliage. The narrow, linear leaves stay bright green throughout the year. With an upright, arching habit, Muriel’s bamboo forms a beautiful fountain shape when fully established.
Same as the majority of its larger relatives from the Fargesia genus, this compact cultivar thrives in humus, nutrient rich and fertile soils. Fargesia Murielae Bimbo isn’t fussy when it comes to the type of soil, but it’s important to ensure it has proper drainage, because this variety doesn’t appreciate waterlogged or overly dry soils. When it comes to choosing a perfect spot for planting Muriel’s bamboo, pick a sunny location or a one in dappled shade.
An ornamental variety of Asian bamboo, native primarily to the south and southwestern China, Fargesia Murielae Bimbo is considered to be extraordinarily tough. This evergreen umbrella bamboo is resistant to pests and diseases and fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. Although it can flourish in areas with severe winters, if the temperatures drop below -15 degrees, it might need a sheltering from the elements. 
A dwarf cultivar, variety Bimbo is the smallest growing variety of all the Fargesia Murielae. When fully established, this slow-growing cultivar is up to 1 metre high and across. Considering that most bamboos are at least four times larger than Fargesia Murielae Bimbo, it’s not a surprise that its compact size makes it ideal for gardens with limited space. Clump-forming, this miniature bamboo requires pruning and isn’t considered invasive.
If you’ve always wanted a bamboo hedge for a small garden, Fargesia Murielae Bimbo is the ideal choice. Planted en masse, this evergreen umbrella bamboo cultivar adds texture and colour to the landscape during the whole year. Since it stays compact as it matures, it works well as a low-growing hedge, or a screen, especially when planted in a container near a patio.

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