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Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering System

Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering 12 is a nifty solar-powered irrigation system
Solar-powered Irrigation System
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Product Type: Solar efficient irrigation system

Plant ID: 8586 WC 77

Price: £94.99

Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering 12 70300487
Flopro Irrigatia Eco-Smart Watering 12 is a nifty solar-powered irrigation system that automatically waters your plants in line with the weather. Flopro’s innovative solar-powered watering system takes care of your watering needs without any hassle. The more it shines the more it automatically waters the plants.  Efficient and precise it can water up to twelve pot plants at the root with its spike drip system every three hours. The smart solar controller with an integrated pump senses darkness and turns off to save unnecessary watering.

This top-quality automatic watering kit is made from tough plastics with snap-fit anti-leak connectors and universal fittings for all watering brands. Flopro’s solar watering kit contains everything you need to begin smart watering with an unpressurised water source such as a water butt - a 200-litre water-butt will last three weeks with this automatic watering system.

Recommended for the holiday season and for gardeners with little time or mobility difficulties.

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