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Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia Beech

Fagus Sylvatica Asplenifolia Fern Leaved Beech Tree for sale online with UK delivery.
Fagus Sylvatica Asplenifolia Fern Leaved Beech Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 2-2.5m (6ft 6-8ft 2)

Pot size: 50 Litres

Plant ID: 9827 64

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Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia, also called the Fern Leaved Beech, is a lovely specimen tree which will light up your landscape every autumn. It received the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2002 because of its many desirable characteristics for UK gardeners.
Grown in the UK since the early 1800’s, Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia is an impressive landscape tree throughout the year. In spring, the delicate, deeply cut serrated foliage emerges, staying a glossy dark green throughout the spring and summer. In autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow before falling to the ground late in the season. Its smooth, silvery grey bark makes a striking contrast to the dark foliage, as well as providing winter interest. The Fern Leaved Beech will also produce beech nuts in the autumn. 
Hardy throughout all of the UK, in its early years the Fern Leaved Beech will have low-growing branches and a more pyramidal shape, before slowly growing over a period of 20 to 50 years to a mature height of more than 12 metres and spread of 8 metres, with a broad, open crown. Eventually, it may be as wide as it is tall. Because of its shallow root system and mature size, the planting location for your Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia should be carefully selected, with no competing plantings within 10 metres. This is a tree best suited for a large landscape where it will have room to shine!
Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia will do best in a sheltered location away from the coastal regions. Plant it in any well-drained soil except heavy clay or light sand, in full sun or partial shade. 
The Fern Leaved Beech is a stunning specimen tree which will become a star performer in your landscape. Planted in the middle of a large lawn, it will provide a year-round focal point with its striking foliage and attractive bark. As it grows, it will cast deep shade because of its dense growth habit.  On a larger property, a grouping of Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia would establish a shady beech grove in the summer months and then put on a splendid show in autumn with its golden foliage. Planted alongside an avenue, they would screen the drive and provide interest with both its foliage and bark throughout the year. 
Fagus sylvatica Asplenifolia is a tree which deserves to be planted where it will shine, as its large size and attractive foliage will make it a stand-out in your landscape!

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