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Darlac DP44 Garden Compact Shears

Compact Garden Shears from Darlac
Compact Garden Shears
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Product Type: Compact Garden Shears by Darlac
Plant ID: 8064 A 76
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Darlac DP44 Garden Compact Shears
Product Type: Compact Garden Shears by Darlac
Price: £15.99
Price: £15.99

Darlac DP44 Garden Compact Shears. 
Darlac DP44 Garden Compact Shears are top quality small sized carbon steel shears with longer and wider blades than snips.

These compact garden shears measure 22 cm and are perfect for deadheading and trimming areas that standard shears are too large for such as lavender or salvia.

Their SK5 carbon steel blades are chrome armoured against rust and the safety catch is easily operated with one hand.

The ergonomically designed handles weigh only 180 g and have a soft-grip coating for comfort and precision trimming. 

Darlac’s compact shears utilise the bypass design that’s best for live wood pruning as the mechanism promotes quick healing with a clean no-crush cut.   

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