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Hebe Green Globe

Hebe Green Globe or Shrubby Veronica Green Globe to buy online with UK delivery
Shrubby Veronica Green Globe, Emerald Green
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Hebe Green Globe or Shrubby Veronica Green Globe, also known as Hebe Emerald Green

Hebe Green Globe is an ornamental shrub also known as Shrubby Veronica Green Globe. It’s an attractive yet tough evergreen plant that can withstand windy, coastal conditions. Hebe Green Globe is principally admired for its vivid moss green foliage. Its branches are smothered in tiny, dense upward-pointing leaves all year round and small white flowers usually appear in midsummer. Hebe shrubs are not generally grown for their flowers but the delicate blooms of Green Globe are very pretty and enhance the green foliage. Hebe Green Globe will grow to 25 - 30 centimetres tall and can spread up to 150 centimetres wide. If you clip it regularly Hebe Emerald Green Globe will resemble a tightly-packed ball of fresh green growth.

How Hardy Is Hebe Green Globe?
Green Globe is hardy throughout the UK withstanding frosts and snow. Once established it will tolerate dry, exposed areas and cope with windy conditions too. Hebe Green Globe will grow in most soils conditions thriving in sandy, chalky, clay soils of any ph provided it is not water-logged.

How To Use Hebe Green Globe
Shrubby Veronica Green Globe is often over-looked which is a shame because it is incredibly useful to those needing garden structure. It naturally grows in a small compact form, but can be clipped into neat balls or planted as a low height hedge as an alternative to box or yew. 
Flower gardeners should not dismiss Green Globe because its vivid colour and understated flowers are the perfect foil for bright showy blooms. This gives balance to a chaotic flower border filled with clashing colours. They also make excellent mess-free ground cover that suppresses weeds and deters cats.
Because of its compact size Shrubby Veronica Green Globe is a great addition to a rock garden. Their structural shapes lift the height, providing much needed variety to ground-height rockery areas. 
A popular way to grow Hebe Green Globe is in a container. Hebes thrive in well-watered containers creating architectural ‘pillars’ on either side of a door, garden path or even a birdbath. 

How To Care For Hebe Green Globe
Mulch hebe each year to conserve nutrients, but there is no need to regularly feed them as it can cause the branches to go floppy. There is no need to prune such a small plant either, but if yours becomes unruly and untidy, cut back its branches after flowering - if you prune them in spring your Hebe Green Globe may not flower. 

Shrubby Veronica Green Globe provides essential structural framework in a small garden or flower border and sits extremely well in a rockery. If you’re looking for year round colour and enjoy low maintenance planting then Hebe Green Globe is an attractive yet sensible choice. 

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