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Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters

Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters - a new variety of Hydrangea with 3 different coloured blooms on each plant.
Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-40cm (0ft 11-1ft 3)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 6 Litres

Plant ID: 2837 52

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Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters is an exciting new variety of Hydrangea which combines 3 different colour flowers in each plant! This new plant won the Press Award at Plantarium 2016. Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters has only recently been available to the public, making it a great choice for a special gift for any gardener. The flowers Hydrangea Three Sisters are in different but harmonizing shades of pink (light, mid and dark), blue, purple or pastel, so it’s just a matter of choosing a favourite colour! The big double blooms in large mop heads cover the plant and will last from July to August providing a nice long flowering period. The dark green leaves make an attractive background.

Hardy in most parts of the UK and with a compact growth habit, Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters will grow to 50 cm. Remove flowers either after they finish blooming in autumn or in early spring, and cut back to the next bud. The small mature size of Hydrangea Three Sisters will remove any need for pruning to size. Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters should be planted in fertile loamy soil in full sun or partial shade, protected from winds. Hydrangeas are very tolerant of both salt and pollution, so this lovely new variety will be perfect for both city and coastal locations! Growing Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters in pots will help ensure the desired flower colours through the use of the correct soil additives.

This petite and stunning beauty is grown to the best advantage in a container or pot. Its small size, long bloom period, and attractive, dark green foliage makes it a great addition to a roof terrace or patio. Even the smallest of spaces will have room for one Hydrangea Macrophylla Three Sisters! One or two planted in a sheltered spot in a mixed border would make a big impact all summer long. Planted in the ground or in pots on either side of a front door, these stunning three-colour blooms can be enjoyed by all who come by. This is not a plant to hide in a distant corner; you will want to show off these beauties!

Whether for yourself, or for a special person who will appreciate the unique three-coloured flowers of Hydrangea Three Sisters, take advantage of this opportunity to purchase this new, award-winning hydrangea!

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