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Syringa Vulgaris Alba Common White Lilac

Syringa Vulgaris Alba, Common White Lilac, a beautiful heritage lilac with white blooms in May. Buy Now from Paramount Plants
Syringa Vulgaris Alba, Common White Lilac, a beautiful heritage lilac with white blooms in May
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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 20 Litres
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Syringa Vulgaris Alba or the Common White Lilac, is a true old-fashioned garden favourite. An extremely hardy deciduous member of the olive family, lilacs first found their way to the UK in the 16th century. Syringa Vulgaris Alba has a vase-shaped upright form, with dark green lance-shaped leaves. In April and May the shrubs are smothered in dense panicles of delicate, pure white blooms with a heavy, sweet scent, which make excellent cut flowers. In autumn the leaves turn shades of burgundy and bronze.

Height and Spread of Syringa Vulgaris Alba
The Common White Lilac shrub will slowly grow to a mature height and spread of 2-3 metres.

How Hardy Is Syringa Vulgaris Alba
Common White Lilac is hardy throughout the UK and across northern Europe.

How to Use Syringa Vulgaris Alba
Common White Lilac is an excellent shrub for gardens both large and small. Planted in containers, this hardy shrub will create a living wall on a roof terrace or balcony, where they can be pruned to maintain a suitable size. One specimen plant near a window or door, or next to a patio, will perfume the air with its fragrant blooms and provide a pleasant green note for the rest of the season. A hedge of Syringa Vulgaris Alba in bloom would be a breath-taking sight when in bloom, or one or two plants could be planted in a mixed informal hedge for a long season of interest. You can also plant a climbing plant such as a clematis to grow up through the branches and deliver a longer season of flowers.

How to Care for Syringa Vulgaris Alba
Plant Syringa Vulgaris Alba in full sun or dappled shade in a sheltered position in humus-rich moist but well-drained soil with an alkaline to neutral pH. Lilacs will thrive in a chalky soil. Tolerant of salt, this shrub will do well in seaside gardens, while it is equally well-suited to even inner-city locations as it is very tolerant of pollution. This deer-resistant shrub also is perfect for country properties. Prune Common White Lilac immediately after flowering, as next year’s blossoms will form over the summer. If your shrub becomes overgrown, rejuvenate it by cutting back one-third of the stems every year. 

Syringa Vulgaris Alba is a lovely old-fashioned favourite whose fragrant white blooms deserve a place in the modern UK garden! Lots more on Lilacs on our blog post. 

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Height Excluding Pot:
1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

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