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Hibiscus Syriacus White Pillar

Buy Hibiscus Syriacus White Pillar, a white semi-double, flowering profusely in the summer. Super Hibiscus variety, easy to grow, buy online UK delivery.
Hibiscus Syriacus White Pillar flowering
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Plant shape: Shrub

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 3646 1

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Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar
The flowers of Hibiscus syriacus are always welcome when they emerge, fresh and plentiful, in late summer. The new variety Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar is an especially desirable shrub for a variety of planting schemes. The brilliant white blooms and slender columnar form of Hibiscus White Pillar make it a clear winner!

Hibiscus syriacus originates in Asia, and has been cultivated in UK gardens since the 16th century. Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar was developed in the Netherlands and received the silver medal at GrootGroen Plus in 2015. Its dark green leaves emerge late in the spring, and then in late July the stunning show of large, semi-double pure white blooms begins, lasting until the end of October.

Hardy in most parts of the UK, Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar will grow to a mature height of 5 metres and spread of 1 metre. No pruning is necessary to maintain the narrow columnar shape of this new variety, but if pruning to restrict its height is desired, it should be done in spring. The flowers of Hibiscus White Pillar are sterile, so there is no need to remove seedlings from around the base. If planting a row of these shapely shrubs, space 0.5 -1 metre apart.

Plant Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar in full sun in a sheltered position with a south or west-facing aspect in any well-drained soil with an alkaline to neutral pH. Once established, these shrubs will resist periods of drought. Tolerant of salt, Hibiscus White Pillar is a good choice in coastal gardens, and as it also tolerant of pollution, will do well in city locations. However, it may need protection from grazing deer in the countryside.

The slender shape of Hibiscus syriacus White Pillar make it a perfect choice for a formal setting, perhaps framing a gateway to a garden walk, or planted against a stone wall as a backdrop to a mixed border or along a walkway. It lends itself well to container planting for a roof terrace, balcony, courtyard or patio, where its narrow width will never overwhelm the limited space, and it can be trimmed to maintain the desired height. The 3 months of continuous blooms will earn its place many times over!

White Pillar is a stunning new variety of Hibiscus syriacus which will lend itself to many different garden locations and planting schemes- its narrow growth and brilliant white flowers are irresistible!

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