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Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel Holly

Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel Holly hedging plants for sale online buy UK
Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel Holly berries
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Height Excluding Pot: 25-30cm (0ft 9-0ft 11)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 7324 38

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Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel or Blue Angel Holly, is a particularly hardy holly variety which will bring the classic beauty of English holly to your garden.
A hybrid cultivar of English Ilex Aquifolium and Japanese Ilex Rugosa developed in the United States over 50 years ago, Blue Angel Holly is an excellent plant for gardens across the UK. Young leaves emerge with a purple tint, turning to dark blue-green foliage when mature, and persisting throughout the winter. The small white spring flowers develop by autumn into the bright red berries characteristic of holly, and will last through the winter if not eaten by birds. The purple-green stems are also attractive. 
Hardy throughout the UK and northern Europe, Blue Angel Holly grows slowly to a full height of 2.5-4 metres and spread of 1.5-2 meters. Prune as required to restrict size, shape into a topiary, or to harvest stems for use in making wreaths or other Christmas holiday decorations. 
Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel should be planted in moist but well-drained alkaline or neutral soil, in full sun or partial shade in an exposed or sheltered position. It is necessary to plant a male variety such as Ilex Meserveae Blue Prince nearby for pollination, since by itself the female variety Blue Angel Holly will not set the brilliant scarlet berries which are such a desirable characteristic of the plants. Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel is tolerant to salt and therefore well-suited to coastal plantings.
Blue Angel Holly is a great choice for container planting in a city setting, as it grows slowly to its full size. It will provide year-round interest, especially during the winter months, on a rooftop terrace or in a courtyard. It is very suitable for being clipped and trained as a topiary specimen. Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel makes an excellent foundation planting or can be used as a privacy screen or hedging plant for a city garden. Planted at the back of a mixed border, it creates a backdrop for the flowers of the spring, summer, and autumn before taking on a starring role in winter. On a larger property, a clump or hedge of Blue Angel Holly left to grow to their full size would create a stunning focal point in the landscape.
Ilex Meserveae Blue Angel will bring year-round beauty to your garden, especially in the winter months with its glossy blue-green leaves and brilliant red berries! 
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