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Ilex meserveae Heckenstar Blue Holly

Ilex meserveae Heckenstar Blue Holly Castle Wall Holly
Ilex meserveae Heckenstar Blue Holly
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Height Excluding Pot: 1-1.25m (3ft 3-4ft 1)

Plant shape: Bush

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 8535 2

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Ilex meserveae Heckenstar Blue Holly
A member of the Ilex Mererveae Blue Holly family, Ilex Meserveae Heckenstar is a male evergreen blue holly that’s perfect for tall hedging or for growing as a specimen tree. This cultivar of holly was discovered in 1998 in Germany. It’s the result of cross-pollination between Ilex Aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis' and Ilex x Meserveae BLUE PRINCE. Its is known as Blue Holly Heckenstar also Castle Wall Holly Heckenstar.

This blue holly variety has beautiful foliage of small oval-shaped serrated deep green shiny leaves that measure approximately two inches long. The foliage remains in place all year round and in May greeny-white flowers appear in clusters of five. The flowers are not particularly noticeable to us but the bees and butterflies love them. This is a male holly that doesn’t produce berries but will pollinate nearby female holly plants such as Ilex Meserveae Blue Princess.

Height And Spread of Ilex Meserveae Heckenstar
This is a medium growing holly that can reach up to three metres tall and a metre wide over ten years if left unpruned.

How Hardy Is Ilex Meserveae Heckenstar
Castle Wall Holly Heckenstar is very hardy and withstands UK winters down to sub-zero temperatures if its roots are well-drained. It is relatively pest-free and can withstand drought once established.

How To Use Ilex Meserveae Heckenstar
Castle Wall Holly Heckenstar is a good choice for thick dense hedging as its evergreen foliage grows tightly and it can reach up to three metres in height. It also makes a lovely specimen tree in the lawn or border as its shiny green foliage stays all year round and grows in an upright pyramidal form. Wildlife gardens benefit from its sheltering foliage and numerous pollinating flowers keep pollinators busy in May to June.

If you have female hollies and would like berries Castle Wall Holly Heckenstar is an excellent pollinating partner.

How To Care For Ilex Meserveae Heckenstar
Blue Holly Heckenstar prefers a sunny, moist and well-drained spot but it will cope well with partial shade and can tolerate less than ideal conditions. It can be grown in an exposed spot but cold drying winds may damage the foliage.
To create a dense hedge prune Blue Holly Heckenstar’s top branches after flowering to encourage branching side shots. In a relaxed, informal garden it can be left to grow in its natural pyramidal shape.

Water well until established and place a thick layer of mulch around the roots in springtime to encourage healthy growth.

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