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Jasminum Humile Revolutum

Jasminum Humile Revolutum Italian Jasmine is a Yellow Jasmine, buy online with UK delivery.
Jasminum Humile Revolutum Italian Jasmine
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Height Excluding Pot:
1m (3ft 3)

Pot size: 7 Litres
Plant ID: 2484 64
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Jasminum Humile Revolutum

This image displays plant 1 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
3ft 3

Pot size: 7 Litres

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Was £75.00
35% Off - Now £48.75
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Jasminum Humile Revolutum or Italian Jasmine Revolutum
Italian Jasmine Revolutum, an evergreen Jasmine variety of Jasminum Humile, is treasured for its bright yellow, fragranced blossoms. Whether trained on a trellis or grown as a shrub, this medium-sized yellow flowering Jasmine will brighten your garden with a splash of colour in the summer and fill your yard with a mild, aromatic scent.
In late spring through to summer, Jasminum Humile Revolutum is covered with clusters of vivid yellow, lavishly perfumed blossoms. Larger than the flowers of other Jasmin varieties, the star-shaped blooms stay on the shrub for weeks on end, attracting bees and butterflies. The dark green, pinnate leaves composed of up to 7 leaflets serve as a contrasting backdrop the brilliant blossoms, offering interest when the flowers drop.
Easy to grow and to care for, Italian Jasmine Revolutum prefers warm, sunny spots, ideally sheltered from the harsh elements, although it fares well in partial shade and exposed locations too. Quite adaptable when it comes to the soil, this variety of Jasminum Humile will thrive in any soil, as long as its fertile and well-drained.
Fully hardy in Britain and Ireland, this evergreen jasmine is able to withstand temperatures up to -15 degrees. However, if planted in an exposed location or dappled shade, Jasminum Humile Revolutum will lose its foliage during the winter months. This jasmine is considered relatively robust, and generally pest and disease free. It is not surprising that this spectacular cultivar won the Award of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society. 
When it comes to pruning, it is not too difficult to maintain Italian Jasmine Revolutum in perfect shape. Unlike some fragrant climbers, this cultivar is not considered invasive and light pruning and trimming will keep it tidy and elegant. Just remove any unwanted or tangled shoots to avoid congestion and routinely remove dead or damaged shoots to promote new growth. Vigorous and fast growing, this Jasmin variety grows to be around 1.5 to 2.5 metres high and across.
Grown as much for the opulent, aromatic fragrance as for the profusion of dazzling yellow flowers, Jasminum Humile Revolutum can be trained against a variety of structures, or left free-standing, as a flowering shrub. To enjoy its distinct scent, plant this variety in a container near a patio or walkways, or let it grow up a trellis, walls or an arbor. 

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