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Juglans Regia - English Walnut

Buy Juglans Regia - English Walnut trees, a beautiful deciduous tree that bears walnuts in autumn, beautiful leaf colouration in Autumn too, buy UK.
Juglans Regia - English Walnut tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 3-3.5m (9ft 10-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Pot size: 30-40 Litres

Plant ID: 3728 80

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The Common Walnut Tree or English Walnut, which is botanically known as Juglans Regia, is a deciduous medium-sized tree that produces tasty walnuts in autumn. It is perfect for gardeners who love a productive harvest at the end of a growing season. Walnut Trees originate from Asia but Jugulans Regia has established itself as a firm UK favourite. It is a popular choice due to its tough, easy-to-grow nature and dependable harvest.

Common or English Walnuts are broad-crowned stately trees with very large oblong pinnate leaves that resemble a hand. Each ‘hand’ will comprise of 5-7 fingers of leaflets that are scented when crushed. It is believed by some that this scent deters flies. Leaves appear in late spring as orangey- brown shoots that turn a fresh green before maturing into textured sturdy foliage that falls with the frost. Its bark is smooth, which sets Common Walnut apart from the Black Walnut that has a textured, broken bark from an early age.

Juglans Regia catkins measure up to 10cms in length and the fertilised ones will transform into green cases about 5 cm in width that contain the edible and tasty walnuts which are appreciated by people and squirrels. The Common Walnut has been grown for thousands of years for this edible harvest.

This tree will reach up to twenty metres and spread over eight, however it is slow growing and this maximum height and spread this will take 20-50 years.  

How Hardy Is Juglans Regia
This is an extremely hardy tree that has fared well in the UK for centuries. It will survive sub-zero temperatures and droughts once established.

How To Use Juglans Regia
Walnuts are magnificent trees that deserve a big space to grow into their finest shape. They can form part of a hedgerow, fit in a deep border with room to grow, or fit directly in the lawn as a specimen tree. Children love walnut trees, and they make cooling outside shelters in the summer months with their shady branches.

How To Care For Juglans Regia
Juglans Regia is a tolerant low-maintenance tree that takes care of itself once established. After planting you will need to water regularly to establish the root system, and a thick layer of mulch will help it to dig down. After that, your Common Walnut should grow steadily and produce a quick harvest. Juglans Regia is not fussy and will tolerate partial shade, but it grows best in full sun, in soils of any ph. Pruning is not required.

Attractive walnut trees are a popular choice in UK gardens. They make excellent gifts for gardeners and thrive in the majority of circumstances.

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