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Lonicera Delavayi

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Scented honeysuckle, evergreen climbers for sale, London UK
Lonicera Delavayi Honey Suckle. Buy Online London UK.
Lonicera Delavayi Honeysuckle
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Height Excluding Pot: 40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Pot size: 2 Litres

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Lonicera Delavayi Honeysuckle or Delavay Honeysuckle, is a semi evergreen climber, that has masses of white scented flowers that look stunning against the dark green ovate leaves. Then as the flowers age they turn a cream-yellow, followed by black fruits later in summer. Lonicera Delavayi loves full sun or partial shade and  will thrive in any well drained, moist fertile soil. Lonicera similis Delavayi will grow to ultimate heights of 3-4 metres, and a spread of 4 metres.

Lonicera Delavayi is one of the larger leafed climbing Loniceras (Honeysuckle) plants. Its leaves are more leathery with white hairs on their undersides. This variety has fewer problems relating to diseases or maintenance issues. Considered hardy in all but the very coldest regions of the UK and Ireland, the Delavay Honeysuckle is a particularly sweet-scented Lonicera to add to your wall, fence, or pergola.

Each spring, Lonicera Similis Delavayi produces an abundance of long, tubular-shaped white flowers that are intoxicatingly fragrant. Flowers rise in pairs along the leaf axil, in clusters of 12 near the shoot tips. As the blossoms age, they fade to a beautiful creamy yellow shade and give the vine a bi-colour appearance that is exceptionally eye-catching. The flowering cycle runs from late summer through autumn.  Following flowering, small black fruits form that stand out in stark contrast against the climber’s dark green foliage. 

Of the Genus Lonicera, the species Similis and variety Delavayi is a semi-evergreen, climbing shrub, originating in China, and first introduced to the UK in 1901. They are known for their hardiness, with the exception of very cold exposures, which can sometimes cause leaf drop. If you avoid these extremes, Delavay Honeysuckle will do as well or better than any of the Loniceras. They respond well to seasonal pruning as you train them around an arch or pergola; or loosely against a wall. Unlike other climbers, Delavay thrives in coastal areas and tolerates salt-spray. 

Delavay Honeysuckle is a winner in most any garden placement which can highlight its climbing habit. Its dark-green coloured leaves really set off the sweet scented white to pale yellow flowers nicely; Their sweet scent is especially pronounced in the evening and overnight hours. As they will thrive in both full sun and partial shade, they are a perfect fit around the home garden structures or walls. Honeysuckle grows best when planted in moist soil that can be alkaline, acidic or neutral and with a high organic content. They are considered vigorous growers, are fast to establish, and will add an elegance to any area of the garden in which you’d like to add some height. It takes Honeysuckle approximately 10 years to reach ultimate height.

Honeysuckle or Delavay grows well in a mixed planting or can be grown singularly as a garden focal point specimen. The twining growth habit of the Honeysuckle vine and its heavy weight requires a sturdy frame or trellis for support. It will also spread across fences or structures. When allowed to freely grow, the vine will ramble across trees and other shrubs. If the vine becomes too large it will tolerate being cut back dramatically in the spring to control its size and shape. The vine also thrives when planted in a container along patios, balconies, and porches. 

The truly outstanding characteristic of the Lonicera Delavayi climber is its highly fragrant flowers that are also visually pleasing. Plant in a location where you can enjoy the delicate flower’s sweet aroma. The blossoms also draw a diverse array of butterflies and bees to the garden. 

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