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Malus Bramley Seedling Pleached

Malus Bramley Seedling pleached tree trained, perfect for above wall or fence screening with delicious apple crop in late summer, buy UK
Malus Bramley Seedling pleached tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 3m (9ft 10)

Plant shape: Frame 1.2 m High x 1.2 m Wide

Trunk height: 1.8 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 11617 80

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20% Off - Now £260.00

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Malus Bramley’s Seedling Pleached Apple Tree, supplied Root Balled
Malus Bramley’s Seedling is a much-loved English apple tree, earning both the RHS Award of Garden Merit and Perfect for Pollinators designation. As an ornamental tree in pleached form, a, Pleached Apple Bramley’s Seedling can make a big impact in your small garden. Our root-balled specimens (supplied without a pot) arrive healthy and ready to grow, and by the time you buy them, we have done the hard work of shaping and training your pleached fruit trees so that all you have to do is decide where to plant them!

A popular variety since the 1800’s, Malus Bramley’s Seedling is the classic English cooking apple; it is a triploid pollinator that requires a pollination partner nearby to produce fruit. In early spring, the pale pink flowers emerge, followed by green leaves. If there are other apple trees or crab apple tree varieties nearby, it will produce large green fruits with red patches in autumn. 

Hardy throughout the UK and northern Europe, the crowns of our Pleached Malus Bramley’s Seedling specimens are trained to a square shape above clear stems, giving a narrow profile which can fit into a small space with ease, making Pleached Apple Bramley’s Seedling a great choice for urban gardens where space can be limited. Best planted in a sheltered position in full sun, Malus Bramley’s Seedling will do well in a moist but well-drained neutral pH loam, clay or sand soil. Tolerant of pollution, it is a great choice for city gardens, and is recommended for container growing. The root balled specimens arrive with their root systems protected and healthy after growing in the ground until prepared for transport.

Like all pleached trees, Pleached Malus Bramley’s Seedling makes an excellent privacy screen. While you would need to get planning permission to build a higher wall, no permit is needed to plant a row of pleached trees along your existing low wall, adding considerably to the height of your screen with the added bonus of the beauty of the trees’ flowers, foliage and fruit. Even in winter when the branches of your Pleached Malus Bramley’s Seedlings are bare, the architectural form of the trained and pruned crowns will make a strong statement.

Whether as the boundary of a patio, or lining the walls of a courtyard or roof terrace, the your Pleached Malus Bramley’s Seedling will add more than privacy- you’ve created a living screen to contribute its own beauty year-round! We also offer Malus Bramley’s Seedling in fan-trained form, ideal for growing against a sunny wall or facade. 

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