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Malus Domestica Braeburn Apple Tree

Malus Domestica Braeburn Apple trees, good sized fruit trees for sale online with UK delivery.
Malus Domestica Braeburn Apple trees
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: ½ standard

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 5667 64
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Malus Domestica Braeburn needs no introduction. The Braeburn Apple is one of the best known shop bought apples and for good reason. This eating apple is smooth-skinned, crisp and juicy – everything an eating apple should be. The Braeburn Apple tree was originally bred in New Zealand in the 1950s and has been popular ever since. It grows well in UK gardens producing heavy fruit crops. The RHS has given Apple Braeburn the Perfect for Pollinators badge because it attracts a variety of pollinating insects with its fragrant blossom. 

In spring the first leaves unfurl a bright pale green, and are soon followed by pale pink blossom carrying five individual petals. Deep pink buds open into paler star-shapes with golden stamens. The perfect pink petals ripen into tiny firm apples that gradually swell over the summer months. The foliage also gathers pace, bursting out in a darker green with feathered edges. The blossom stage is extremely attractive and it is worth growing Braeburn apples trees for this alone. 

In late October to November, when the apples bear an equal amount of red and green, they are ready to harvest. Braeburn is a heavy cropper, but the tree is sturdy and able to bear fruit from a young age.
In winter foliage disperses with the frosts leaving a strong structural outline before spring brings the new blossom. 

How Hardy Is Malus Domestica Braeburn
Apple Braeburn is hardy throughout the UK, able to withstand sub-zero temperatures if its roots are free from waterlogged conditions. However, the blossom can be damaged by late frosts and the fruit needs sun to ripen. It will fruit more reliably in southern areas of the UK.

How To Use Malus Domestica Braeburn
Malus Domestica Braeburn trees are perfect for a kitchen garden, an orchard or a hedge line that has space for the tree to grow as it will reach 3-4 metres within 5-10 years. It also makes a big impact in a wildlife garden, attracting pollinators and birds.

Braeburn is a spur-bearing apple tree, which means its fruit appears on jutting spurs, so you can fan train or espalier your Braeburn without difficulty.  You can also grow Malus Braeburn in containers if you are able to provide regular water and food. A container will restrict its size and make a lovely fruiting addition to a patio. 

How To Care For Malus Domestica Braeburn
For heavy crops of fruit, Apple Malus Braeburn needs a sunny spot and should be kept from frost pockets and harsh, windy areas. It is self fertile and able to produce fruit by itself but will crop more heavily if there are other types of apple tree are growing nearby.  Before planting your Apple Braeburn dig plenty of rich organic matter into the planting hole and water well throughout the growing season. Each year add a thick layer of mulch to the roots for the best blossom and fruit harvest. 

You do not need to prune a Braeburn, but you can cut back broken, dead or crossed branches in the winter to create an open crown, so there is more room for apples to soak up the sun and ripen. 

If you are looking for a reliable cropper, and have a warm sunny spot to fill, Malus Domestica Braeburn is one of the tastiest apples you can grow. It looks attractive throughout the year and will supply apples that store for months. Lots more to choose from in our fruiting trees section. 

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