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Malus Domestica Golden Pearmain Apple

Malus domestica Golden Pearmain Apple produces a good crop of apples
Malus domestica Golden Pearmain Apple produces a good crop of apples
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.5m (4ft 11)

Plant shape: Bush M-9

Bare Root

Plant ID: 4249 80
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.6m (5ft 2)

Plant shape: ½ standard M-9

Trunk height: 1.2 m

Trunk girth: 6.8 cm

Bare Root

Plant ID: 4250 80
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: ½ standard

Trunk girth: 6-8 cm

Pot size: 10 Litres

Plant ID: 5681 64
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40% Off - Now £45.00
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Malus domestica Golden Pearmain Apple
Malus Domestica Golden Pearmain is commonly called the Golden Pearmain Apple. It is an upright deciduous fruit tree that has attractive greyish-green leaves that turn a bright yellow and red during the autumn months. The tree is mid-sized, which makes it ideal for any landscape. It usually attains a height of around six metres when fully grown. It typically takes 10 to 20 years to reach its full growth potential.

During the spring months, the tree produces an abundance of exceptionally pretty white blossoms that boast a heady fragrance. The flowers are a favourite early food source for honeybees. Following flowering, the tree starts to develop an abundance of fruit. The apples are ready for harvest in October. Golden Pearmain Apples are greenish-yellow with an attractive pink flush. The fruits have a sweet, honey-like flavour. The flesh is yellow and extremely juicy. They are ideal for snacking or can be used to make apple juice.

Plant the Malus domestica Golden Pearmain in full sun for best growth. Choose a planting site that is well-draining. The tree will grow in virtually any soil but prefers a pH balance of 6.5 to 7. Mix in ample organic matter into the soil prior to planting the tree. The decaying organic matter will encourage robust root growth. Keep the soil evenly moist around the tree for the first year. Once established, the tree can withstand short periods of drought. When fully mature, it requires very little water to thrive. Only water the tree during excessive dry spells. In the late winter, the tree benefits from pruning to encourage new, strong growth.

The Golden Pearmain Apple is a low-care apple tree that thrives throughout most of the United Kingdom. It does require a pollinator to produce an ample crop of apples. In turn, it tree can also be used as a pollinator for other apple trees in the garden or nearby. It is an excellent choice for a beginner to intermediate skill level.

Plant the Golden Pearmain apple tree in a location where you can enjoy its lovely spring blossoms and its sweet, lingering fragrance.

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