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Malus Domestica Granny Smith Apple Tree

Malus Domestica Granny Smith Apple Trees, regularly producing a heavy crop of crisp green fruit
Malus Domestica Granny Smith Apple Trees, regularly producing a heavy crop of crisp green fruit
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Height Excluding Pot: 1.25-1.5m (4ft 1-4ft 11)

Plant shape: ½ standard

Trunk girth: 6-8 cm

Pot size: 10 Litres

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Malus Domestica Granny Smith is one of the most popular and well known apple trees available in the UK. More commonly known as Apple Granny Smith, this deciduous fruiting tree was discovered by chance in Australia in 1868. As a result, crossbreeding experts are not sure what cultivar it is. Parentage aside, if you are looking for a tart, crisp apple with a hard texture then Apple Granny Smith is a winner on all fronts.

Apple Granny Smith’s foliage will appear in April with small leaves springing out from the tips of bare branches. Over the year these leaves cement into a deeper green, oval shape with a pointed tip that resembles a small tree in itself.  Not long after the leaves push through, the delicate pink blossom appears. This blossom is exquisitely scented and loved by all pollinators. Each blossom begins as a dark pink bud that opens to reveal five petals tinged with pale blush of baby pink. Golden stamens stand out from the centre. On mature specimens this display is glorious particularly when it is touched by spring sunshine. 

In late autumn apples are ready to harvest. Large golden green spheres that taste crisp and sweet grow even on young trees. Granny Smith is well known for its keeping qualities, and apples will remain edible for many months if stored correctly.  This deciduous apple tree will lose its foliage with the first frosts leaving behind a strong framework of sturdy branches ready to bear the following year’s harvest.

A Granny Smith apple tree will reach heights of 4 metres by 4 metres over 5-10 years, so is suitable for smaller gardens. You can restrict the height by cutting back the leader stem or growing as a fan trained specimen. It is self-pollinating but as with most apple trees, it can produce even more fruit if another white blossom apple tree such as Malus Evereste Crab Apple is in the vicinity

How Hardy Is Malus Domestica Granny Smith 
Malus Domestica Granny Smith is a hardy tree and if the roots are kept from waterlogging it can survive sub zero temperatures. However, to bear a heavy crop of apples Granny Smith needs warmth, and may not suit the colder climates of central and northern UK. 

How To Use Malus Domestica Granny Smith
Apple Granny Smith is primarily grown for the sweet apple harvest, but also looks glorious throughout the year. Plant as a specimen tree in the lawn so you can admire the seasonal changes. It will also suit a fruit orchard cropping heavily when planted near other apple trees. 

How To Care For Malus Domestica Granny Smith
Apple trees are easy to grow, and although Granny Smith needs full sun it will tolerate partial shade and prefers moist but well drained soils.  Little maintenance is needed other than cutting back dead or crossed branches in winter to create an open crown, and mulching each year to boost her health. If you have used a stake for support, regularly check this has not become too tight or restrictive around the trunk.

If you are looking for a tasty and reliable apple tree, Malus Domestica Granny Smith is one of the best around. It will regularly produce a heavy crop, excelling in warm and sunny conditions. Lots more choice in our Olive and Fruit Trees section. 

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Height Excluding Pot: 3.25-3.5m (10ft 7-11ft 5)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 2 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

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