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Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard Crab Apple Tree

Clear Stem Tree Form

Standard Form Crab Apple Tree Golden Hornet
Standard Crab Apple Golden Hornet
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Height Excluding Pot: 3.25-3.75m (10ft 7-12ft 3)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.9-2 m

Trunk girth: 10-12 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 10829 100

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Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard is a small deciduous fruit tree with bright yellow fruits that remain on the branches into winter. This specimen crab apple variety has been shaped as a clear stem standard form tree with a single, straight trunk & no lower branches for a minimum of the first 1.8 metres.

Crab apples are native to most continents and named for their twisty crabbed twigs rather than crustaceans. In ancient British mythology, they are associated with fertility and marriage. The Golden Hornet cultivar was bred in 1948 by J Waterer & Sons Nursery of Knaphill. Its name is taken from the small honey-yellow apples that appear in late summer to autumn and remain on the bare branches well into the winter months, often past Christmas unless blackbirds eat them first. The fruits are large and juicy measuring up to 2.5 cms in length.

In spring, mid-green oval foliage unfurls alongside a profusion of flowers. Crab apple blossom is especially pretty, opening from small pink buds into white star-shaped blossom with an occasional hint of pink. The flowers attract many pollinators and last for months.

Standard Crab Apple Golden Hornet has a broad, rounded crown and a single straight trunk absent of branches for the first 1.8 metres. More Inoformation on Standard Shape Trees

Height And Spread of Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard
Crab Apple Golden Hornet can reach a height of 8 -12 metres and 8 metres in width over 20 – 50 years. Keep the standard shape with a trim once per year when the tree is dormant. 

How Hardy Is Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard
This crab apple tree is hardy in all of the UK down to sub-zero temperatures in well-drained soil.

How To Use Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard
Standard Crab Apple Golden Hornet is one of the best choices as a pollinating partner for apple trees as the blooms last for almost the whole of the apple pollinating season. Its own fruits are large and make excellent jellies, or you can leave them for the birds in wildlife-friendly gardens.
The standard tree shape makes this crab apple tree variety ideal for above the fence screening in the summer months. 

Golden Hornet suits orchards, large countryside garden borders, or city courtyards as a specimen tree. It can grow large unless regularly pruned and needs room to grow.

How To Care For Malus Golden Hornet Full Standard
Once established, Standard Crab Apple Golden Hornet needs little attention apart from an annual prune to maintain the shape. Plant it in well-drained soil of any pH in a sunny to partially shady position.

Crab apples thrive in sheltered or exposed positions, but produce more blooms and fruit in a sunny sheltered spot. Water well until established and apply a thick layer of mulch to the roots each year.

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