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Malus Tschonoskii or Chonosuki Crab Apple

Malus Tschonoskii or Chonosuki Crab Apple, highly rated ornamental tree with good autumn colour. White flowers tinged pink followed by green fruits turning red
Malus Tschonoskii or Chonosuki Crab Apple, highly rated ornamental tree with fruits turning red in autumn
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Height Excluding Pot: 2.25-2.75m (7ft 4-9ft 0)

Plant shape: Full standard

Trunk height: 1.7-1.8 m

Trunk girth: 8-10 cm

Pot size: 45 Litres

Plant ID: 4592 100

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Malus Tschonoskii or Chonosuki Crab Apple
Malus Tschonoskii, commonly called the Chonosuki Crab Apple, is a deciduous, vigorous upright crab apple tree. This fruit tree is native to Japan and was first collected in 1897 from Mount Fujiyama, Japan. It was named after the 19th century Japanese botanist Sugawa Tschonoski.

During the spring months, the Chonosuki Crab Apple Tree produces an abundance of white flowers that have a faint pink shade. After flowering, the tree produces globose yellow-green fruit. As the fruit matures it turns a slight reddish-purple. In the autumn, the tree’s foliage develops stunning shades of yellow, orange, purple, and scarlet. In fact, Malus Tschonoskii is one of the best crabs for autumn colour. This highly rated ornamental tree has received the AGM RHS award of garden merit.

Height and Spread of Malus Tschonoskii
Chonosuki Crab Apple grows to a height of 12 meters. It produces a conical shaped canopy that spreads about 4 meters.

How Hardy is the Malus Tschonoskii
Chonosuki Crab Apple is hardy to a UK zone 6, meaning it is very hardy throughout the UK and Northern Europe and can tolerate very cold winters.

How to Use the Malus Tschonoskii
The diminutive Chonosuki Crab Apple Tree is an ideal addition to any garden. Plant it in a location where its lovely spring blooms, unique fruit, and breathtaking autumn colours can truly be admired.

How to Care for the Malus Tschonoskii
The Chonosuki Crab Apple Tree should be planted in full sun for the best flower production. Choose a planting site that has well-draining soil. It does not tolerate waterlogged conditions. The tree grows best in rich, loamy soil. During the first year, keep the soil evenly moist to encourage the tree to develop a strong root system. Once established, the crab apple tree is moderately drought tolerant.

The Chonosuki Crab Apple Tree is a lovely ornamental tree. There is little doubt that it will become a valued addition to your landscape and will be greatly admired by onlookers.

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