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Prunus Avium Sweetheart Cherry

Prunus Avium Sweetheart Sweet Cherry, late fruiting cherry with dark red fruits with a good flavour
Prunus Avium Sweetheart Sweet Cherry, late fruiting cherry with dark red fruits with a good flavour in August
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Prunus Avium Sweetheart
Prunus Avium Sweetheart has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit. A late-fruiting sweet cherry fruit tree, it was developed at Summerland in British Columbia, Canada in 1990, as a cross between the Van and Newstar varieties and introduced to the UK in 1994. This self-fertile, late-ripening cherry cultivar will extend your cherry harvest into September. In early spring, the bare branches of this deciduous tree are covered with fragrant white blossoms, followed by the attractive dark green leaves of summer. Starting in August, the sweet cherries begin to ripen, with the harvest continuing into September, avoiding a glut of ripe fruit all at once. The cherries are sweet with a slight note of acid for a rich flavour, and are excellent for fresh eating or cooked into pies or preserves. The leaves turn orange and red in autumn to finish off the year with a brilliant show.

Height and Spread of Prunus Avium Sweetheart
Prunus Avium Sweetheart will grow to a mature height of 5 metres and spread of 4 metres in 5 to 10 years.

How Hardy Is Prunus Avium Sweetheart?
Prunus Avium Sweetheart is hardy in all parts of the UK and across northern Europe.

How to Use Prunus Avium Sweetheart
Prunus Avium Sweetheart can be grown as a fan-trained specimen against a wall or fence, or as a free-standing tree. It can be used as a focal point in a small lawn, where the spring blossoms and autumn colour will be ornamental. Sweet Cherry Sweetheart will suit an informal country garden.

How to Care for Prunus Avium Sweetheart
Plant Prunus Avium Sweetheart in full sun in a sheltered position with a south or west-facing aspect in well-drained or moist but well-drained soil. It will require pruning in early spring for young trees, and in midsummer for more established specimens, to maintain an open, spreading crown for best fruit production. Sweet Cherry Sweetheart is self-fertile, so does not need a pollination partner nearby, but it is a good pollinator for other cherry trees in flowering group 3. Thin the young fruits after the blossoms finish to ensure good-sized cherries. Protect young trees from deer on country properties, and be prepared to cover the tree with netting when the cherries ripen to save your harvest from the birds!

Prunus Avium Sweetheart is hardy, self-fertile, and its cherries ripen late in the season over an extended period of time, making it an excellent addition to your garden!

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