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Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata or Variegated Japanese Spurge

Dwarf Evergreen Shrub for Shady Ground Cover

Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata or Variegated Japanese Spurge
Variegated Japanese Spurge
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Height Excluding Pot: 10-20cm (0ft 3-0ft 7)

Pot size: 0.5 Litres

Plant ID: 11959 1

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AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme by the RHS and are deemed:
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Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata is an RHS AGM winning evergreen dwarf Japanese Spurge with cream and green variegated foliage. This dwarf evergreen shrub provides excellent ground cover and loves full shade beneath trees.

Pachysandra Terminalis is native to Japan, Korea and China where it grows in damp, shady woodlands beneath trees and under canopies. The variegated version was bred to retain all the parent plant’s tough attributes but added a creamy-gold margin to the outer edge of its leaves. Throughout the year, Variegated Japanese Spurge creates a mat-forming carpet of green and cream in shady spots. In spring, small erect spikes of white flowers cover the leaves with the male stamens protruding a little further skywards.

This is a tough and undemanding ground cover with cream and white highlights that will cover the dry, bare patch beneath trees and slowly spread to protect soil from cats and the elements.

Height And Spread of Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata
This is a dwarf mat-forming plant that reaches a maximum height and spread of 50 cms over 5-10 years.  

How Hardy is Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata

Variegated Japanese Spurge is cold hardy and will survive below zero UK winters. Its short stature means it can tolerate exposed sites, but it needs full to partial shade.

How To Use Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata
Best used as ground cover under hedgerows and beneath trees Variegated Japanese Spurge is also an excellent easy growing underplant for tall shrubs or roses in low maintenance gardens.
It’s a spreading plant and does best when it’s left to its own devices in informal gardens slowly spreading over banks, slopes, and shady spots in a carpet of green.
The cream edging on this variegated version helps brighten a dull spot more than standard Japanese Spurge and makes it particularly suitable for dull, shady corners in compact gardens where every cm of space counts. 

How To Care For Pachysandra Terminalis Variegata
Variegated Japanese Spurge is a moisture lover that will grow in most soils except very dry. A north, west or east-facing spot is best to avoid the harsh sun, but this spot can be sheltered or exposed.
There is no need to prune, in fact, Japanese Spurge does best when it’s left alone. Water it well until established and if the mat becomes too large, split it with a garden spade and replant sections elsewhere.

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