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Polemonium Bressingham Purple Jacobs Ladder

Flowering Perennial with Multi-Coloured Foliage

Polemonium Bressingham Purple Jacobs Ladder
Polemonium Bressingham Purple
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Height Excluding Pot: 15-30cm (0ft 5-0ft 11)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 11927 1

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Polemonium Bressingham Purple is a deciduous perennial with multi-coloured fern-like foliage and blue - purple flowers throughout the summer months. It suits a cottage style wildlife-friendly mixed border.

Polemonium is native to the woodlands of North America and it’s better known as Polebress or Jacob’s Ladder for its tall, stepped foliage that references the biblical story of Jacob dreaming he ascended a ladder to heaven. Bressingham Purple was bred in the UK and it’s widely admired for its lavender-blue flowers.

Jacob’s Ladder Bressingham Purple is an interesting plant with lots of colours. Its purple tinted new foliage emerges in spring and grows in a mounded form of decorative fern-like fronds that mature to green before returning to purple for autumn. Its blooms appear in late spring to early summer on long elegant red stems. These flowers are rich purple-blue and adored by pollinators especially large bumblebees that can easily access the nectar.

This is an elegant country-cottage style plant for mixed flower borders and wildlife-friendly gardens. It appreciates a sunny spot or partial shade. 

Height And Spread of Polemonium Bressingham Purple
Over 2-5 years low-growing Jacob’s Ladder Bressingham Purple will reach a maximum height of 60 cms and spread over 30 cms. 

How Hardy Is Polemonium Bressingham Purple
Jacob’s Ladder Bressingham Purple is hardy across the UK if its roots are well-drained.

How To Use Polemonium Bressingham Purple
This pretty perennial is a must in cottage-style gardens and informal spaces. It brings airy height to a mixed border and rich blue shades across early summer that attracts bees and butterflies.
It mixes well with established shrubs that have finished flowering by late spring and creates a backdrop for low-growing summer annuals.
Always beautiful Jacob’s Ladder creates a swathe of blue through a mixed border. If you have a cottage-style garden it’s a must.

How To Care For Polemonium Bressingham Purple
Jacob’s Ladder Bressingham Purple will grow in any type of well-drained soil including clay and chalk. It prefers a sunny to partially sunny south, west, or east-facing spot.
You can deadhead the flowers as they go over to prevent self-seeding and encourage new flowers in mid-summer.
A thick layer of mulch around the roots in early spring provides nutrients for the growing season. In very cold areas of the UK, a layer of much across the crown will help protect it from the worst of our heavy rain and frost.

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