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Clematis Ville de Lyon Pink Flowering

Clematis Ville de Lyon, a pink flowering clematis with large showy blooms
Pink Flowering Clematis Ville de Lyon has prolific large showy blooms
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 2 Litres

Plant ID: 8936 1

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Clematis Ville de Lyon - Pink Flowering Clematis
If you are looking for a stunning climber with long-lasting blooms, consider the large pink-flowering Clematis Ville de Lyon. The profusion of deep pink flowers, beautifully contrasted by creamy stamens, appears in the middle of the summer, adorning the vines well into autumn months. The rich magenta pink petals are a shade lighter in the middle, creating a lovely transition from blushed rose to carmine pink. In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, this deciduous climber is not overly demanding and does not need any special care to flourish.

The large blossoms (10 to 15 centimetres in size) are best displayed when the vines are trained against a wall, fence, trellis, or an arbour. Additionally, Clematis Ville de Lyon performs very well when planted in a container, meaning you can use this prolific bloomer to add colour and interest to your patio, balcony, or rooftop garden.

Height and Spread of Clematis Ville de Lyon
With a fast and vigorous growth rate, this pink flowering clematis variety can quickly achieve its maximum expected size of 3 to 4 metres in height.

How Hardy Is Clematis Ville de Lyon
Fully hardy in the United Kingdom, the show-stopping Clematis Ville de Lyon is well suited to our climate. In addition, this popular clematis variety has no serious problems with pests or diseases.

How To Use Clematis Ville de Lyon
With a long flowering season and magnificent showy blooms, Clematis Ville de Lyon is bound to command attention wherever you plant it. However, as a deciduous climber, this attractive clematis cultivar is at its best if trained against a structure, whether it is to cover an unsightly wall in your backyard or to adorn a romantic garden arbour. Grown against a trellis, this floriferous cultivar can add architectural height to your flower beds.

As an added bonus, free-flowering Clematis Ville de Lyon can be successfully grown in containers. Use its magenta blooms to add visual interest to patios or balconies in the late summer and autumn- a perfect follow up to early season bloomers such as Azalea Japonica Silver Queen or Deutzia Hybrida Strawberry Fields.

How to Care for Clematis Ville de Lyon
Grow in moist, but well-drained soil in full sun to dappled shade. All clematis cultivars prefer their roots to be sheltered from the heat of the sun, though, so use pebbles or mulch to keep the bottom of the plant cool. Clematis Ville de Lyon needs hard pruning each year: simply cut back the stems to the height of about 30 centimetres above ground, late in the winter or early in the spring. This will encourage prolific blooming.

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