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Platanus Hispanica Pleached London Plane

Platanus Hispanica Pleached London Plane trees, good quality trees and sizes at excellent prices, these are rootballed trees for sale online UK.
Platanus Hispanica Pleached London Plane
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Height Excluding Pot:
3.2-3.4m (10ft 5-11ft 1)

Plant shape: Frame 120wx150h

Trunk height: 2.2 m

Trunk girth: 12-14 cm

Rootball - supplied without a pot

Plant ID: 3183 65
Was £312.50
35% Off - Now £203.13
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Platanus Hispanica Pleached London Plane Trees (synonymous with Platanus Acerifolia) – supplied root balled
Platanus Hispanica Pleached or London Plane Pleached, a deciduous tree, this is a beautiful and versatile alternative to the regular London Plane Tree, which by its massive size is unsuitable for smaller gardens. However, when trained and pruned, it can be maintained as a small pleached tree which can be used in smaller spaces to make a big impact throughout the year. Our root balled trees arrive ready to plant with a strong root system that will take off quickly in their new home, and the crowns have already been shaped for you, leaving you with the minor task of pruning a couple of times a year to maintain their already well-developed shape.

Root Balled plants are grown in the ground as nature intended. During the dormant winter period, the plants are carefully removed from the ground and wrapped in protective biodegradable hessian sack and mesh to protect the root system for safe and easy transplanting. As they are not containerised, root balled plants offer very good value for money.

The London Plane tree has many names including Platanus Acerifolia and Platanus Hybrida. The London Plane Tree has been a part of the city landscape for centuries, both for its beauty and hardiness in urban settings. In spring the large, lobed leaves, up to 20 cm in width, cover the crown, turning a shade of gold in the autumn. The insignificant flowers are followed by the distinctive, small round clusters of fruits which remain on the tree throughout the winter. The beautiful mottled bark in shades of cream, olive-green and grey is another strong visual note throughout the year. The strong architectural lines of the pleached crown atop the clear stem is the added bonus of the London Plane Pleached.

Platanus Hispanica Pleached is trained to remain a relatively small tree at maturity, up to 6 metres in height, maintained by a pruning in early spring and then another in summer. Plant in full sun in any soil. The root balled London Plane Pleached will quickly recover from transplanting to become a stand-out element of your landscape.

London Plane Pleached is well-suited to a formal setting, where its strong lines will make dramatic statement. In spring, summer, and autumn, the foliage of the canopy will make an effective privacy screen above a low wall, and in winter the elegant shape, attractive bark, and clusters of fruits make it a hard-working landscape element year-round. A row of Platanus Hispanica Pleached trees lining the perimeter or a walkway in a formal garden will always make a big impact.

Platanus Hispanica Pleached is a different way to use the London Plane Tree: the year-round beauty of the foliage and form, combined with the vigour of the root balled transplants of this tough tree will make this a perfect choice for UK gardens!

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