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Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica

Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica, tree UK.
Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica, tree to buy online UK.
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Height Excluding Pot:
1.2-1.5m (3ft 11-4ft 11)

Pot size: 55 Litres
Plant ID: 5119 64
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Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica

This image displays plant 1.2-1.5 m tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
3ft 11-4ft 11

Pot size: 55 Litres

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Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica.

Picea Glauca var Albertiana Conica or the Alberta Spruce Conica is a slow growing upright dwarf evergreen cone, with short deep green needles. This beautiful specimen at 2.6 metres tall is at least 50 years old and is very compact and dense. In late spring the new growth at the tip of the shoots is almost lime green and goes darker through the summer. This is not a suitable plant for dry soil, as the needles will turn brown and fall off, so it is best in well drained light acidic moist soil. Picea Glauca var. Albertiana Conica will give your garden lots of character. It has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Discovered at Lake Louise in Alberta in 1904, this white spruce mutation has proved to be a garden favourite for its small size and attractive, dense growth. Alberta spruce Conica will grow to a mature height of 2.85 metres and spread of 1- 1.5 metres in 20 to 50 years. No pruning is required to maintain its conical shape, although it can be used to create topiary forms if desired. 

Plant your Picea Glauca var Albertiana Conica in full sun or partial shade, in a sheltered or exposed position with a south, east or west facing aspect. It is hardy throughout the UK and northern Europe. 
The small size and attractive dense, evergreen foliage make Picea Glauca var Albertiana Conica an ideal choice for a container planting in a restricted space such as a rooftop terrace or courtyard, where it will provide year-round interest. In a mixed border, Alberta spruce Conica will give a living backdrop for the succession of flowers through the seasons, and then provide winter structure to the landscape.

With its small size compared to most conifers and its dense evergreen foliage Picea Glauca Var Albertiana Conica has much to recommend itself to the garden or terrace. 

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Height Excluding Pot:
80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Rootball - supplied without a pot
Plant ID: 3445 65
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