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Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana

Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana, Pines UK
Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana, Pines UK
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 30 Litres

Plant ID: 2894 64

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Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana is known as the Eastern White Pine.  This is a dwarf variety, a lovely round bushy pine with very attractive long needles creating a soft, dense bushy effect. Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana is a very hardy pine that is slow growing and low growing. 

Conifers form the backbone of foundation plantings and landscape design, as they contribute year-round beauty through their evergreen foliage and elegant shapes. The Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana is a valuable addition to any garden, large or small.

In their native North America, eastern white pines soar to heights above 80 metres, and in the days of sail were in demand for use as ship masts by the British navy. Modern plant breeders have developed a slow-growing dome-shaped dwarf variety, Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana, which will fit into even small gardens, while bringing to it the desirable quality of the long needles of the original eastern white pine, giving an effect of softness in a dense, rounded, compact bush. As it matures it will produce cones for added visual interest. The medium-green needles are soft to the touch.

Fully hardy in the U.K., the Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana grows slowly over a period of 10 to 20 years to 1-2 meters in height and up to 2 metres across. Little pruning is required, and even in a rural setting will not be damaged by deer and rabbits.

Eastern white pine is a very tough and hardy shrub, which can handle a wide variety of conditions, including windy and seaside locations. However, it does best where air quality is good.  Plant it in full sun or partial shade for best results, in sandy or loamy well-drained soil. It is susceptible to few diseases and pests, making it an even more reliable choice for your garden.

Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana is a lovely shrub which can provide year-round beauty and act as an effective screen. Place it where it will hide utility areas next to a patio, or as part of a planting to soften the foundations of a house. It would also create a focal point in a rock garden or shrub border, or provide year-round interest in a mixed border. Wherever you plant it, its soft, rounded form will add an unchanging and reliable element.

Our specimens are already over 1 metre tall, so you do not have to wait years for your Pinus Strobus Globosa Nana to grow enough to fill in that spot in your garden!  We have done the patient work of waiting for it to grow so that you can enjoy the results.

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