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Pinus Mugo Mops

Pinus Mugo Mops is a decorative dwarf pine tree, particularly beautiful in Spring when new growth appears, very beautiful pine trees for sale UK.
Pinus Mugo Mops Dwarf Pine Tree
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Height Excluding Pot: 70-80cm (2ft 3-2ft 7)

Plant shape: ¼ standard

Trunk height: 40 cm

Pot size: 20 Litres

Plant ID: 3425 12

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Pinus Mugo Mops or Dwarf Mountain Pine Mops
Pinus Mugo Mops, also known as Dwarf Mountain Pine Mops, is a dwarf cultivar of Mountain Pine that has an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It is native to the Alps and Pyrenees regions, so this virtually indestructible evergreen is a top notch plant for dry, windy and exposed places where other shrubs cannot thrive.  This is a beautiful hardy dwarf pine. It has a silvery sheen in spring when the new upright foliage appears in soft needle-like lengths. This new silver growth measures around 3 cm and slowly fades into pairs of dark green needles. Dwarf Mountain Pine Mops is a slow growing evergreen variety that forms a rounded mound and reaches no more than a metre in height and spread within 20-50 years. 

How Hardy Is Pinus Mugo Mops
This is one of the toughest plants around. It can withstand sub-zero freezing temperatures throughout Europe and is drought tolerant too. It is an excellent addition to coastal gardens because the foliage is salt tolerant. 

How Can I Use Pinus Mugo Mops
Dwarf Mountain Pine Mops adds structure and colour to the flower border where it contrasts nicely with perennials and shrubs, but it can also been grown successfully in a container on a sunny patio. Rock gardens benefit from this bonsai dupe. Its small rounded habit and mounded form gives structure to a low-growing rock garden, and if you have a bare area in full sun it makes a great ground cover too. 

How To Care For Pinus Mugo Mops
This is a versatile low maintenance shrub that can be left to grow neatly without interference. It is happy in any well drained soil but does prefer a sunny spot. If you are container growing raise the pot in winter months to prevent its roots becoming water-logged, and apply some organic matter in the spring to boost new silvery growth. You don’t have to prune Pinus Mugo Mops, but if you want to keep it a very small size cut back its new growth in winter. 

There are not many plants that tolerate only basic care, sub zero temperatures or droughts and still look good. Pinus Mugo Mops is one of the toughest dwarf pines out there. It is a must for coastal gardens and architectural spaces, and adorns any outdoor space with year round interest on the tricky lower levels. 

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