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Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea Violet Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea Violet Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea Violet Crape Myrtle
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Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea or Violet Crape Myrtle is a deciduous shrub with frilly violet flowers. It suits a mixed border and extends the flowering season into late September. Lagerstroemia Indica is native to Korea. It was introduced to Britain in 1759 and became better known here as a Crape Myrtle. There are many cultivars but the Violacea cultivar is a violet-purple flowering version with a sweet, delicate scent. 

In spring Crape Myrtle Violet produces large dark green oval leaves that measure up to 8 inches in length. Flowers arrive in a flush of frilly purple and are especially long-lasting. They arrive in late summer and finish in September, sometimes lasting longer if the weather is warm.  The blooms are large, measuring up to 18 inches, and look like crepe paper hence the name crape myrtle. The flowers mature into seeds capsules and leaves turn vibrant autumnal hues before falling with the frosts. In winter its bark is attractive, often peeling to reveal lighter fresh bark beneath in mature specimens. 

Height and Spread of Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea
Violet Crape Myrtle will reach a maximum height of three metres and spread over two metres. In hot conditions they may grow a little larger but are easily kept smaller with pruning. 

How Hardy Is Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea
Violet Crape Myrtle is hardy down to sub-zero temperatures and has good resistance to pests and disease. Once established it can tolerate drought. 

How To Use Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea
Violet Crape Myrtle is a stunning ornamental specimen bush for a mixed border or set on its own in the lawn.  A group of crape myrtles in mixed colours or a simple row of purple creates a bright long flowering screen for the summer months that’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The bright flowers of crape myrtle are attractive to pollinators so it’s a good addition to a wildlife-friendly garden, and because Violet Crape Myrtle flowers in August and September it’s a good shrub to extend the flowering season. Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea is at its best when bedding plants and summer shrubs are starting to fade.

How To Care For Lagerstroemia Indica Violacea
Violet Crape Myrtle enjoys full sun and flowers best when it’s grown in a hot spot with plenty of shelter. Grow yours against a sunny wall or fence line for the best effect. Lagerstroemia Indica is not fussy about soil type but will grow faster in moist and fertile but well-drained conditions. There is no need to prune Lagerstroemia, but if you need to restrict the height or width cut back branches in winter before foliage begins to appear. In spring apply a thick layer of mulch around the roots to provide nutrients for a healthy growing season.  See also Lagerstroemia Indica Grassi

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