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Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi

Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi, Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi, Crape Myrtle
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Lagerstroemia Indica Rosea Grassi or Crape Myrtle
A long-blooming deciduous beauty that can be grown as a shrub or a tree, the Crape Myrtle, also known as Lagerstroemia Indica, is a colourful addition to every garden. In spring Lagerstroemia Indica produce oval leaves measuring 2-8 inches, depending on type, which are a dark, glossy green for the whole summer. Blooming soon after foliage emerges the stunning flower display appears after the frosts have cleared and remains in bloom until late September. Flowers grow in panicles 6-18 inches in length and resemble crinkled crepe paper in red, rose, pink, purple or white depending on your variety.

As summer ends the flowers turn into seed capsules that fall before the leaves turn vibrant red, yellow and orange shades for autumn. In winter the bark of Lagerstroemia Indica makes an architectural feature with smooth grey bark that sheds in patches to reveal fresh pink bark beneath.

Height and Spread of Lagerstroemia Indica 
Crape Myrtle will grow to a maximum of 6 metres in height with a spread of 6 metres.

How Hardy Is Lagerstroemia Indica 
Crape Myrtle are very hardy capable of withstanding sub zero temperatures and drought once established.

How To Use Lagerstroemia Indica
You can Use Crape Myrtle is as an ornamental specimen tree or shrub in the lawn where its bright long lasting flowers brighten up a bare patch of grass. Alternatively, a row of tree myrtles make a bright and breezy screen during the summer months.

Myrtle is popular with birds in a wildlife garden, and the long season flowers provide nectar for our pollinators too. Crape Myrtles do well in a container if you’re able to water them in the summer and keep the pot on feet during winter to prevent any water-logging around the roots.

How To Care For Lagerstroemia Indica
These are tough plants that require little care once established. They will grow in all soils of any pH provided there is plenty of drainage.

If you have a sunny spot with good fertile soil Crape Myrtle grows quickly, but in less than perfect soil they grow at a slower rate and appreciate a good thick layer of mulch in spring. No pruning is required unless you want to keep your crape myrtle at a manageable height, in which case it responds well to pruning during the dormant winter months.

If you are looking for a brightly coloured ornamental shrub or tree that requires little maintenance Crepe Myrtles are a top choice. They are often overlooked, which is a shame because they are perfect for urban and country gardens, fitting into most landscapes with a vibrant splash of long lasting colour.

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