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Deutzia Gracillis

Deutzia Gracillis. Deutzia White Flowering Shrubs for sale online with UK and Ireland delivery.
Deutzia Gracillis White Flowering Shrub
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Height Excluding Pot: 50-60cm (1ft 7-1ft 11)

Pot size: 12 Litres

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Deutzia Gracillis is a profusely flowering shrub that blooms from early summer to June forming masses of fragrant white flowers on graceful arching racemes.
Deutzia is a deciduous bushy shrub with an upright growth habit and pale green lance-shaped leaves that are finely cut. Leaves appear in spring, followed by delicate star-shaped white flowers which cover the branches in upright stems. These white flowers measure five to seven centimetres in length and have scented pale yellows stamens that provide early food for pollinators.

How Hardy is a Deutzia Gracillis?
Deutzia is hardy in the majority of the UK but will struggle in central to northern areas if it’s planted in an exposed site that is consistently freezing.

How To Use Deutzia Gracillis
Deutzia Gracillis is a perfect addition to the flower bed as it blooms between April and June before standard summer flowers have become established. Place Deutzia Gracillis near the middle of a deep border as it can reach up to a metre in height and spread over 1 -1.5 metres. If you have a shallow border, Deutzia can sit as a stand-alone shrub. It pairs well with purple lavender and is essential in a ‘white border’ arrangement. 
Deutzia is fairly slender and compact and grows well in large containers if you keep them well-watered. If you choose containers try moving your Deutzia around the garden to highlight a particular spot or cover an unsightly area. 

How To Care For Deutzia Gracillis
Deutzia Gracillis will grow in most conditions but prefers a well-drained fertile spot of any soil type be it sand, clay, chalk or loam. Deutzia is not fussy about soil Ph either, happily thriving in acid, neutral or alkaline soils. 
A Deutzia needs sun to look its best, so a bright location is appreciated, but it will grow in partial shade too. Mulching in early spring before the leaves start to form will give your Deutzia a boost and produce volumes of delicate white flowers in spring. 
Deutzia will live happily without pruning but it can become leggy. If you are short on space cut it back after flowering by removing around a third of the length back to a strong bud.  You should prune Deutzia immediately after flowering because it blooms on the previous year’s growth. If you cut one back in autumn it won’t have time to grow new flowering stems.

Deutzia Gracillis are extremely attractive shrubs that don’t require a great amount of care. Its hardy, compact nature and early summer colour brings interest to the garden before the main flowering season begins. It’s a top spring-colour shrub. 

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