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Photinia Serratifolia Crunchy Red Robin

Photinia Serratifolia Crunchy
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Height Excluding Pot: 80-100cm (2ft 7-3ft 3)

Pot size: 10 Litres

Hedge Guide: 4 Plants/Mtr

Plant ID: 9607 64

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Photinia Crunchy is a new variety of Photinia that’s very similar to our well-loved Photinia Red Robin. It’s a good choice for evergreen hedging or as a colourful specimen shrubPhotinia Serratifolia Crunchy has shiny upright, finely-toothed leaves in a rich coppery-bronze shade which as its name suggests are crunchy in texture. The springtime bronze-red foliage is bright on a copper stem and it matures to deep purple-bronze with tinges of green. The attractive foliage remains in place all year round in dense well-branched shapes. In late spring small white flowers bloom on the tips of its branches contrasting with the dark foliage and attracting pollinators.  Crunchy is a good choice for wildlife-friendly evergreen hedges or screens and is much like Photina Red Robin but is generally darker in tone. 

Height And Spread Of Photinia Crunchy
Red Robin Crunchy grows densely and can reach heights of two metres by one to 1.5 in spread. It is fast-growing but can be kept smaller with a yearly trim. 

How Hardy Is Photinia Crunchy
Red Robin Crunchy is hardy down to sub-zero temperatures if well-drained. It is bred to be disease resistant and copes with drought once established, but harsh freezing winds may damage the foliage.

How To Use Photinia Crunchy
Photinia Red Robin is a UK favourite for family-friendly privacy screens and hedges. Crunchy is a good alternative as it retains all the characteristics of Red Robin but with darker more mature colours. 
Plant yours 60 cm to a metre apart to create a dense, fast-growing hedge line, a dividing screen, or to separate driveway spaces. 
This cheerful plant is also a pretty stand-alone shrub in a wildlife garden or a mixed border where it looks particularly good with other white flowers. If your winter garden is mostly green then Red Robin Crunchy brings welcome year-round contrast. 
Photina will grow in containers if they are well watered and fed, so they are a good choice to brighten your patio throughout the year too. 

How To Care For Photinia Crunchy
Photinia Serratifolia Crunchy enjoys full sun to partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. It is not fussy about pH or soil type growing well in both acidic to alkaline conditions.
The foliage can be damaged by freezing winds so a sheltered spot is preferred. 
Be sure to water Photinia Crunchy well until it is established because lack of water is the number one killer of small trees and shrubs. 
Mulch well in spring to seal in moisture and prevent weed competition. Clip back once a year to keep a manageable hedge line or you can leave this pretty evergreen shrub to naturalise. 

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