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Rhododendron Dreamland

Rhododendron Dreamland. UK
Rhododendron Dreamland. UK
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Height Excluding Pot: 30-35cm (0ft 11-1ft 1)

Pot size: 5 Litres

Plant ID: 2545 1

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Rhododendron Dreamland
Rhododendron Dreamland is a beautiful specimen evergreen Rhododendron variety that produces an abundance of light pale pink clusters of flowers from late spring through to early summer and has a year-round dark green foliage. Our Rhododendron Dreamland plants are mature specimens with a well-formed bushy shape. This variety was awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit, a sure sign it will perform well in UK gardens.

Height and Spread of Rhododendron Dreamland
Rhododendron Dreamland has a medium growth rate and it will eventually achieve a maximum height of 1 to 1.5 metres, with a spread of 50 centimetres up to 1 metre.

How Hardy is Rhododendron Dreamland
Hardy in most places across the United Kingdom even in severe winters, this evergreen Rhododendron will survive even if the temperatures drop to -15 degrees Celsius.

How To Use Rhododendron Dreamland
This pink-flowering Rhododendron has a dense and compact habit and a natural mounding form. As a result, it will make an ideal addition to a Japanese style garden or a specimen plant for a patio as it can successfully be grown in a pot. With year-round interest and showy flowers that herald the summer, Rhododendron Dreamland can do just fine when planted on its own or as a showy addition to mixed shrub borders. As an ericaceous cultivar, it is best paired with other acid-loving plants such as Azaleas.

How To Care For Rhododendron Dreamland
Rhododendrons are ericaceous plants which means that they require acidic pH value of the soil, and Dreamland is no exception to the rule. This variety grows best in a sunny or semi shady spot in fertile and moist acidic soil. If the soil in your garden is not acidic enough for growing Rhododendrons, use ericaceous feed and compost to balance the pH of the soil so it suits requirements. 


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