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Rhododendron Firelight

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Rhododendron Firelight for sale online, UK delivery
Rhododendron Firelight (Hachmann’s Feuerschein) red and cream flowering Rhododendron hybrid buy online UK
Rhododendron Firelight (Hachmann’s Feuerschein)
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Height Excluding Pot:
40-50cm (1ft 3-1ft 7)

Pot size: 7.5 Litres
Plant ID: 5748 28
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Rhododendron Firelight

Rhododendron Feuerschein (Hachmann’s Feuerschein, also Rhododendron Firelight) is a medium-sized Rhododendron hybrid that flowers mid-season in May. It produces deep red buds opening to scarlet pink flowers that are flushed with cream and speckled red dots. The blooms grow in spectacular clusters or trusses of 14 blooms per truss.

Rhododendron Firelight has large deep green leathery foliage. It adds a rather exotic touch to the garden with its eye-catching clusters of flowers in late spring early summer.

Given the right soil conditions, Rhododendrons can be planted in beds with a mixture of varying colours or in mixed borders. They look fabulous adorning either side of a driveway or entrance, their evergreen foliage providing year round privacy. And, as often witnessed throughout the UK, Rhododendrons are of course a vital feature in woodland gardens.

If you are short on space or have a small urban garden or terrace, Rhododendron Firelight also does well in containers. Water regularly and apply an ericaceous feed, particularly during flowering.

Rhododendron Firelight likes partial shade and acidic soil. It will grow to a maximum height and spread of 1.2 metres

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