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Rhus Typhina Dissecta tree is known as the Cut Leaved Stags Horn Sumach tree, for Sale online UK delivery.
Rhus Typhina Dissecta
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Rhus Typhina Dissecta

Rhus Typhina Dissecta tree is known as the Cut Leaved Stags Horn Sumach tree, for Sale online UK delivery.
Rhus Typhina Dissecta foliage
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Height Excluding Pot:
60-80cm (1ft 11-2ft 7)

Pot size: 18 Litres
Plant ID: 2766
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Rhus Typhina Dissecta

This image displays plant 60-80 cm tall.

Height Excluding Pot:
1ft 11-2ft 7

Pot size: 18 Litres

Pot size: 18 Litres

Price: £70.00
30% Discount £49.00
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Price: £70.00
30% Discount £49.00
Discount applied to orders over £300 (excl delivery)
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Rhus Typhina Dissecta, also known as Cut-leaved Stag’s Horn Sumach, is a deciduous, fern-like shrub with a superb autumn colour. Exceptionally hardy and attractive, this striking, large shrub works well as a statement plant, or in mixed borders.
Unlike the standard Stag’s Horn Sumach, which boasts large pinnate leaves, the Dissecta variety has deeply dissected leaves, hence the name of the cultivar. For the better part of the year, the feathery leaves are a bright green, turning to fiery shades of crimson red and vivid orange in the autumn. In spring, greenish-yellow flowers appear on large dramatic spikes. As the summer advances, these flowers matures into conical red fruits that are highly ornamental. The spectacular appearance of the autumn foliage is accentuated these pyramidal clusters of ruby red fruit. Showy and hairy, the fruit stays on the bare branches throughout the winter, offering interest in the colder months.
Versatile and adaptable, Rhus Typhina Dissecta thrives in full sun and moist but well-drained soil. This spectacular, treelike shrub is not picky or demanding and just needs a sunny spot in your garden to grow and flourish. If planted in dappled shade, the vivid autumn shades of the foliage lose their brilliance. 
Treasured for its remarkable resilience, typical for Rhus Typhina cultivars, the Dissecta variety is fully hardy in Britain and Ireland. It fares well even when the temperatures drop below -20 degrees, and it’s not prone to diseases or affected by pests. Considering that this cultivar has a good constitution and highly decorative features, it’s no wonder that Cut-leaved Stag’s Horn Sumach won the coveted Award of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society. 
Vigorous and fast-growing, Cut Leaved Stags Horn Sumach starts out as an open, spreading shrub, taking on tree-like features as it matures. When fully grown, this extraordinary cultivar can be 1.5 to 2.5 metres high and across. With a suckering habit, Rhus Typhina Dissecta has no trouble spreading through the garden. However, the new plants popping up around the shrub are easily noticed and plucked out, in case you don’t want any new shrubs growing.
Although the intense, feathery autumn foliage is the most appreciated quality of Cut-leaved Stag’s Horn Sumach, this tree-like shrub offers multiple seasons of interest. The fern-like leaves, densely assorted on the hairy stems, look attractive in shades of green as well, and in the winter, the conical, velvety fruit steals the spotlight. The spectacular features and the tree-like form of the mature shrub, make it an ideal candidate for a specimen or statement plant. Rhus Typhina Dissecta also works well in shrub borders, combined with evergreen or low-growing shrubs. 

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